DUP loses more councillors

The DUP leader Ian Paisley’s weekend criticism of “those who break rank in weakness or cowardice” has failed to stem the flow of concillors in Ballymena Borough Council leaving the party. The BBC reports that two more councillors have resigned from the party, which means there are now 5 ex-DUP councillors in Ballymena. But, apart from a solitary councillor in Ballymoney, there isn’t evidence, yet, of a wider rebellion.. and significantly no MLAs, nor MPs, have joined the MEP, Jim Allister, in resigning from the party following last Monday – despite their expressions of misgivings about the timing of the decision.Those ex-DUP councillors are

Ballymena – Cllr James Alexander, Cllr Robin Stirling, Cllr Davy Tweed, Cllr Sam Gaston and founding member of the party, Cllr Roy Gillespie.

Ballymoney – Cllr Audrey Patterson.