So long Peter, and thanks for all the fish…

Time to get used to our extraordinary departure in normal procedures…

  • SuperSoupy

    Eh? Does the role of SoS not continue? Is this not just a request to free office space in advance instead of on the day?

    The joint signing of the letter seemed the issue to me not the practical arrangements it was dealing with.

  • Mick Fealty

    The key term in the story (as opposed to the title), SS, is procedure.

  • Yes … at first I wondered if it was an April Fool and wondered when Slugger would pick up the story.

    The security hut at the bottom of the hill has a nice view if Castle Buildings are short of office space!

  • SuperSoupy


    Not getting your point, even with the italics.

    They have jointly asked him to move out of the offices they will use ahead of May 8th.

    Surely it’s just so they can move in?

    Is the symbolyism not confined to the joint action ahead of joint office? And an affirmation that’s where they will be working from very soon?

  • SuperSoupy

    Also, I hope the FM and DFM overturn the SDLP/UUP decision to locate their offices and staff outside the Assembly building.

    Move the support staff down the road and ensure those seeking access to government have one building to visit and don’t have to take a walk when they want to see the bigger fish.

  • Gonzo

    Who’da thunk they’d see the day when you could write a headline like: ‘McGuinness and Paisley sign Brits Out letter’

  • was thinking myself the same Gonzo. I do believe the irony is lost on the DUP, but not SF 😉

  • observer


    Who’da thunk they’d see the day when you could write a headline like: ‘McGuinness and Paisley sign Brits Out letter’
    Posted by Gonzo on Apr 01, 2007 @ 09:50 PM

    LOl, dream on , the brits are here to stay

  • Gonzo

    To be fair, the DUP has called on every Secretary of State to go, but never, never, never alongside Sinn Fein!

  • baldrick45

    Stormont castle was always seen by Unionists as the historic seat of power. Trimble always wanted to get down there but couldn’t trust his troops in PB if he wasn’t close by keep an eye on them.

    In suspension it was loaned to the SoS on the understanding that he would vacate the premises should he be requested to do so by a future FM and DFM.

    I don’t think however “The Tanned One ™” anticipated a letter from the new landlords telling him to “sling his hook” quite so quickly.

    So it’s a move that pleases the DUPs, presumably since SF don’t suffer from the same love of Unionist symbolism, this is a wee favour they’ve banked with the DUPs for future use and they get the added pleasure of seeing the English overlord “evicted from his cottage” rather than the other way round.

    Win-win all round and Hain gets to pretend it’s a great thing and he’s so happy to lose his plush office.

    I for one am just encouraged to see the co-operation begin so positively. Long may it continue

  • merrie

    I wonder where Hain will have his NI office now, assuming he still needs one.

    Is there a politically neutral zone where he can go? If he set it up in West Belfast what will those on Sandy Row think? Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

    Maybe just a room in one of the NIO offices will do.