Crawley on the read/write revolution…

JUst as I was getting out of the car to go and do a short slot on Good Morning Ulster yesterday morning, I heard the trailer for Will Crawley’s documentary on blogging in Northern Ireland. It’s on at 11.30 tomorrow morning and includes some new voices from the blogosphere… Hopefully with a useful mix of ‘believers’ and ‘blog sceptics’.

  • mickhall

    missed this, but cannot find it on BBC Radio Ulster to play back, anyone have address please?

  • I just listened to it. It was on at 11.30 today on the programme, The Documentary.

  • ejh

    It’s up here for the next wee while.

  • gareth lee

    There’s a link to the audio of that documentary on the bbc blog itself. I thought it was great to have a documentary on blogging in NI. Hopefully this will encourage people here to catch up with the technology and the conversation.

    What about that guy Newton Emerson? Blogging has no future he says and it’s not really journalism anyway it’s just a bunch of nuts ranting at each other. No, Newton, that’s the Stephen Nolan Show and you never say no to an invitation there!