Sinn Fein gets bounce in latest polls

The latest Red C/ Sunday Business Post poll indicates a tighter race may be on the cards in this year’s 26 county elections than some may have suspected. The gap between the current governing parties and Fine Gael/ Labour has been cut to 4 points. Apart from that, Sinn Fein are the big movers in the poll, up three points to 10%, clearly benefitting from the northern election triumph and the Ard Fheis exposure. With the election scheduled for some time in May/ June, perhaps the simultaneous launch of a northern Executive- complete with accompanying media exposure- may work out to be a nice electoral present from Ian Paisley for republicans!The results are: Fianna Fail 36% (down 2%), Fine Gael 23% (up 1%), Labour 12% (down 2%), Sinn Fein 10% (up 3%), Greens 8% (no change), PDs 3% (down 1%) and Independents 8% (up 1%.)