Cross go for glory as Duddy wins in the Garden

Mick’s already pointed out that this weekend provides a real sporting feast for Irish fans across the globe. Aside from the rugby and cricket, there’s the small matter of Crossmaglen’s bid for their 4th All-Ireland, with ‘The Gooch’ Cooper and Dr. Croke’s standing in their way. Also, Derry’s own John Duddy was victorious last night in front of a sell-out crowd in Madison Square Garden, retaining his IBA title and moving him closer to a challenge for either the WBA or WBO crown. Also in the States, the darlings of Irish America, Notre Dame, lost out in their First Round appearance in the NCAA Basketball tournament last night, going down to the lowly Eagles of Winthrop- ah well boys, there’s always next year!

  • BP1078

    Sick of Bushmills and Guinness chasers, so was trying to find where “Dr Crokes” got their name from.

    Nothing on the club site.

    According to Wiki:

    Dr. Crokes was founded in 1886. Many members were involved in politics and a lot of them ended up in English prisons.

    Ermm..right, interesting, but doesn’t really help me out, starter for 10, who or what was “Dr Crokes”?

  • picador

    I believe that Dr Croke was the Archbishop of Cashel during the 1880’s and was the first President of the GAA. Croke Park is named after him.

  • picador

    Correction. Dr Croke was the first patron of the GAA.

  • BP1078

    I thought that originally, but it’s “Dr Crokes” not just “Dr Croke”.

    Your in pedantry 😉

  • Henry94


    ““If a free choice were to be made in the problem of selecting, on its merits, the GAA Club in the “Kingdom” which could rightly claim pride of place in a record of the movement, the Dr. Croke club, Killarney, could not easily be denied the honour. Apart from the merits of the club’s case on every other ground, the name of its patron was sufficient. The proud distinction has been allotted to it, without contradiction, that it is the only GAA club in the country to bear the name of the illustrious Archbishop of Cashel, whose distinguished patronage was a great source of strength to the infant Association in its uphill fight.”

    Wasn’t it an absorbing match. I wouldn’t know who to bet on in the replay (if I was a betting type)

  • Cross1

    Reports of Brit helicopter crashed in Center of Crossmaglan, narrowly missed houses.

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    Rangers fans in trouble again, hot on the heels of their ‘Red Hand of Ulster/Heil Hitler’ gaffe in Tel Aviv.

    Apparently they’ve been caught singing F*** the Pope in Pamplona and one of their number posted the video on You Tube. The video has since been withdrawn but the damage has been done and now the Gers look like being bounced out of Europe for next year.

    What’s really funny about this episode is the attempt by the Rangers supporters to blame the You Tube poster for the expulsion threat rather than the actual singers. And apparently they’re also blaming the stadium authorities in Iruna/Pamplona for playing their song ‘Simply the Best’ on the tannoy. Apparently that was to wind them up… As if. As if the guy in charge of the tannoy at the Pamplona stadium wanted to wind up the Rangers fans….

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