Spatial schema of MLAs across Northern Irelande

Sammy has a crude schema showing the distribution of MLA’s by party across Northern Ireland… It clearly shows the Belfast centric nature of the Alliance and a large splurge of Sinn Fein ‘green’ in Belfast… The distribution shows spatial distribution of their heartlands… Sammy notes, by email, how in Derry the SDLP reps are spread out “in the Culmore Road, Northland Road and Waterside, with Shinners in the Bog/Creggan and Shantallow/Galliagh. In Belfast SF votes not in the West concentrate in the Centre of town”. The DUP’s ‘orange’ is often conjoined, partly because there are just so many of them…

  • páid

    It must be possible, though it would require a bit of work, to find out in which ward in NI does the average SF, DUP etc. voter live – maybe average is the wrong word here. One could speculate that the ‘average’ SF voter is a good few miles southwest of the ‘average’ DUP voter.

    And have they moved at all.

  • Rubicon

    Looks more like a Kandinsky to me. I like Kandinsky and each work deserves thought.

    In Kandinsky’s case the thought was worthwhile. This picture is a very good mental map. Mental maps describe their author but little else.

  • heck

    I looked at it and I saw Britany Spears in leather ,in a bath tub of baked beans, with a whip. Does that I am the only normal normal person on this site and you guys just think too much about politics?

  • Rubicon

    Heck – you have me staring at the map and I just don’t see Britany!

    Life just ain’t fair!

  • Plum Duff

    Sinn Fein does not recognise the inalienable right of Britain-y Spears to wallow in a tub of Irish baked beans. However, for the artist in all of us they are prepared to tolerate this piece of concept art on this one occasion – ‘and anyway’, as its cultural director said, ‘the grant’s nearly due for the West Belfast Festival’. He goes on, ‘The fact that she is sporting a whip reinforces a post impressionist view of the oppressor as a neo-colonial flower child in the plethora of extremely striking primary colours in an otherwise secondary choice of pallette. She may be in a bath, he goes on, ‘ but this approach won’t wash’.

    I just think he doesn’t like her in leather…

  • Julian Robertson

    No wonder she’s in rehab.

  • heck

    opps they did it again

  • Bill

    Spatial schema of MLAs across Northern Irelande <-