West Belfast…

Stunningly good vote management from Sinn Fein in West Belfast.

Gerry Adams SF6,029 17.8 Elected 1
Sue Ramsey SF 4,715 14.0
Paul Maskey SF 4,368 12.9
Jennifer McCann SF 4,265 12.6
Fra McCann SF 4,254 12.6
Diane Dodds DUP 3,661 10.8
Alex Attwood SDLP 3,036 9.0

That looked like a big ask beforehand, but it is clear the Shinners put the work in to their three men and two women safely in, before (it would seem) setting off to other places to help their more vulnerable MLAs out. Alex Maskey is still likely to have sweat things out before this is over.

There are some rumblings in Loyalist west. Although Diane Dodds managed to raise an extra 1,000 votes, not everyone in the unionist end of the constituency supported her. She is scrambling in a much smaller pool than Alex Attwood, who has slipped even further from the last time out. Sinn Fein’s courting of SDLP voters appears to have paid off handsomely.

How long can the SDLP continue to hold any seat in this constituency?

  • Gabriel Beecham

    I’d have thought Attwood will comfortably enough pick up enough transfers to see him through ahead of Dodds, but you have a point.

  • Mick Fealty

    The alarm bells rang for me when I saw the number of people they were able to get out on the streets..

  • fred

    robotic, rather than ‘stunningly well-managed’, i would have thought

  • overhere

    Now now boys sour grapes will make you faces ache !!

  • sean1

    If only other parties were as unselfish, and stop running after ‘top the poll’ which in PR doesn’t matter two fiddlers. Excellent achievement I say to those Belfast chaps in the west.

  • Very impressive achievement.

  • PeaceandJustice

    So clinical, it makes you wonder … Does Sinn Fein-IRA still have the motto “Vote early and vote often”? Their history has involved murder, torture, ethnic cleansing and criminality. I hope someone from the Unionist community has been keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

  • George

    Valenciano is right about the RTE website being much better for following the count.

    Diane Dodds didn’t get a single transfer from Adams’ or Ramsey’s surplus.

    SDLP’s Walsh got just 12 but Atwood got 114.

    Rainbow George got one.

    Looking very good for five seats.

  • German-American

    sean1: “If only other parties were as unselfish, and stop running after ‘top the poll’ which in PR doesn’t matter two fiddlers.”

    Yes, I noted that Jeffrey Donaldson had almost 10,000 first preference votes in Lagan Valley, vs. less than 3,500 apiece for the other three DUP candidates, and Nigel Dodds had almost 7,000 first preference votes in North Belfast vs. less than 2,500 for Nelson McCausland and less than 1,700 for William Humphrey.

    Reminds me of Fair Deal’s comment on a past thread that “getting past politician’s egos” was the foremost obstacle to implementing an effective vote management scheme.

  • loveulster

    Peace and justice I hope you remember the dup where caught in the past using the technique of voting often. It is not just one party doing it.Also big Ian is a lover of ethnic cleansing, remember he encouraged the burning of catholic homes at the start of the troubles and did it in front of the press.Not to mention his starting ulster resistance.Try to live more in the present and embrace this democratic opportunity.