Sinn Fein second in Lagan Valley…

Because of boundary changes, this is may be the first and last time Paul Butler takes this seat. But he’s done a tremendous job in getting out his vote out, and a hell of a lot more… Someone deserves credit here for an extremely hard worked campaign (93% turnout in Lagmore). If you look at the figures, they seem to have penetrated not only the SDLP’s vote, but some of Alliance’s too.

Jeffrey Donaldson DUP Elected 1 9,793 23.4
Paul Butler SF 5,098 12.2
Basil McCrea UUP 4,031 9.6
Trevor Lunn AP 3,765 9.0
Jonathan Craig DUP 3,471 8.3
Edwin Poots DUP 3,457 8.3
Paul Givan DUP 3,377 8.1
Marietta Farrell SDLP 2,839 6.8

The look at the first count out last time:

Jeffrey Donaldson UUP 14104
Edwin Poots DUP 5175
Billy Bell UUP 2782
Seamus Close Alliance 4408
Patricia Lewsley SDLP 3133
Norah Beare UUP 1508
Andrew Hunter DUP 3300
Paul Butler SF 3242

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