Deeny in trouble..?

INDEPENDENT Kieran Deeny is in big trouble in West Tyrone, with, I feel, his 3,776 first preferences unlikely to attract enough transfers to see him in. The hospital campaigner had previously topped the poll.

  • Yokel

    Depends..theres a thought that a lot of Husseys’s votes will go Deeny when Hussey is due to be eliminated.

    Wouldnt like to predict.

  • Valenciano

    It also looks like a DUP gain from the UUP in W.Tyrone as the two DUPs have balanced well and the only other Unionist is McCartney with his risible vote share likely to favour them.

    Btw the RTE site is a bit better than the Beeb as they’re giving full count details.

  • Sean Brennan

    Watching the silly antics of the Stoops in West Tyrone, is it any wonder they are heading only the one way…. down.

    Deselecting the sitting MLA and choosing one of my own profession to take on Dr.Deeney has proved a backwards step.

    They will lose the seat they had here. Durkan should be investigated for his suitability as leader. Napoleon said ‘ a fish rots from the head.’

    Examining the profile of the Stoops, it is obvious they seek a ‘professional profile.’ Doctors Teachers etc.

    McMenamin does not fit into this category. I believe they have not yet reached their true depth. It is probably around the seventh bolgia from The Divine Comedy by Dante. Slime etc.

    They need a head doctor.

    Sean Brennan