Turnout holding up…

No one calls an election at lunch time on polling day, but we have a quick report from the SDLP at one polling station in Carnmoney. They say they are not seeing the same number of faces as in previous years, something that might play well for David Ford. Registrations have certainly gone down, but that seems to have been fairly even distributed across the constituency. Too early to regard as significant. We’re getting reports from Lagan Valley of a respectable lunchtime turn out of 15%.

  • Padraig

    There is the perception that wharever the weather, comae hail, rain or snow, the two problem parties pull their vote out. I have always doubted this. Percentage swings will be interesting to watch here, even if it’s just to see “who” votes.

  • Ca Va

    Election Betting

    Eastwoods seem to have suspended Election Betting at the moment

  • Mr Tibbs

    Just voted in Millisle – VERY BUSY indeed.
    Surprised to see only a lone DUP supporter handing out leaflets at the gates – no sign of any other party

    Any one else found this? Usually you`re bombarded on the way in

  • Comrade Stalin

    I just did the business at Whiteabbey primary school. I’d say it was “brisk” but there were not throngs of people. The ballot box into which I put my vote was almost full.

  • Mr Bean

    Mid Ulster looks like it will have a good turnout, not the same DUP on the ground

  • Inspector Clouseau

    Has the DUP election machine lost its way?

  • fair_deal

    Word is that turnout for the Unionist boxes in Upper North belfast are up by about 2-3%

  • Bemused

    Utterly bizarre – just voted at Harding Memorial on the Cregagh Road. I voted without any difficulty. Some cretin of a polling officer then informed my wife that her valid Northern Ireland driving licence was invalid as electoral identification because it bore her maiden as opposed to her married name. My wife produced her marriage certificate but was again told that this was unacceptable. My wife pointed out that this form of electoral identification had been accepted without any difficulty in the past and was an entirely legitimate and legislatively compliant form of identification but was told that this was ‘wrong’ and that ‘the rules have changed’. Realising that we were dealing with an imbecile we went home and I immediately phoned the Electoral Commission. To their great credit they immediately admitted that the balloon in Harding Memorial was completely wrong and instructed us to return immediately – they would phone the silly bat in the interim and put manners on her. Suffice it to say that on our return my wife was allowed to vote without any difficulty. Christ knows how many other voters this silly twat had turned away in this or other years on equally spurious grounds…..

  • jamestwo

    I am not allowed to vote due to “mental health issues”. This is unfair as Captain Kirk gave me a letter in both english , irish and klingon saying I am not mad. If I had a vote I would vote DUP.

  • belfastwhite


    “I just did the business at Whiteabbey primary school”

    Oooh ahhh!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Oooh ahhh!

    Eh ? What’s going on here, are you some kind of counter-revolutionary Trotskyist fifth columnist ?

  • Ann

    Voting was very busy indeed in Downpatrick this evening.

  • Belfastwhite


    Depends who you were doing the business with>:0P

  • Watcher

    Sinn Feiners in Upper Bann are reporting a very strong turnout among their supporters and are becoming increasingly optimistic about taking the second seat.


    very few people st clares primary school newry

  • Comrade Stalin

    Depends who you were doing the business with>:0P

    Just me, casting my vote.

  • Gerry & the peacemakers

    Busy in Crumlin – last seat in south antrim will be very close.

  • BonarLaw

    From a leisurely glance at the register while waiting for my ballot in Holywood I would guess 40% of my neighbours had voted by tea time.

    No UUP at the polling station which last time was defaced by a gigantic Diana Peacock poster attracting the ire of Ellie McKay. I think they have lost heart in N.Down. Was Sylvia seen canvassing anywhere?


    No sign of the UUP at my polling station in bangor?
    Whats the story with these guys?

  • Southern Observer

    ”Sinn Feiners in Upper Bann are reporting a very strong turnout among their supporters and are becoming increasingly optimistic about taking the second seat.”

    At whose expense?

  • West Tyrone

    UUP showed up for 15 minutes in Omagh. Apparently their entire presence was from 9.15 to 9.30pm.

    Neither the DUP candidates, nor the UUP workers I spoke to had seen the UUP candidate all day, nor did they have any clue where he had been all day.

  • BonarLaw

    Southern Observer

    The SDLPs’.

  • Sam

    Well I saw Mr Hussey in my local polling station west tyrone, so I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up for 2 DUP seats just yet. As far as I’m aware polling was around the 65% mark at St Peter’s and something similar in Loughash

  • Sean Og

    Shinners out celebrating in Newry tonight convinced they have retained the 3 seats in Newry & Armagh. Sinn Fein got their voters out desite a low turn out in Newry town – less that 60% according to one party worker. It was up in the rural area apparently.

  • paddycanuck

    Election night is a big anti climax tonight.

    I have got used to the Canadian System. As soon as the polls close, the news channels start pumping out predictions on a riding per riding basis. Much more stimulaing for a political junkie. The result is declared by midnight Pacific.

    Surely someone on Slugger must have some insight on how things went to day. Any exit polls, or tally men out there, who can give me a fix.

  • Watcher

    Southern Observer

    Hard to say as it could work both ways. If there is a low unionist turnout and McAleenan (SDLP) from Banbridge goes out early and he transfers to his SF ‘neighbour’ Dessie Ward, it could be at the expense of the DUP. Otherwise if it happens it will be at the expense of Dolores Kelly (SDLP).

  • middle-class taig

    Recent shinner predictions based on core vote turnout and tallies have proven pie-eatingly inaccurate.

    We’ll all have a good idea by mid-afternoon.

  • Watcher

    I didn’t say it was a prediction, just that they were optimistic.

  • Watcher

    Well ‘middle-class taig’ how’s that pie?

  • oidta