Reid, with Blair’s agreement, appoints new head of MI5

Thought this might be of interest to some people [*ahem* – Ed] Home Secretary John Reid has appointed Jonathan Evans as the new head of MI5, to take over from Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller in April. He is currently the deputy director-general of the Security Service and had been identified as the favourite to take the role back in January. The PA report in the Guardian gives us a potted history of his career.. which included some locally relevant activity in the late 1980s and 90s.. just saying, that’s all.. Adds More detailFrom the Guardian

Mr Evans, a classics graduate from Bristol University, joined the Security Service in 1980, working on counter-espionage investigations.

He moved in 1985 to protective security policy, advising departmental security officers on the protection of classified information.

He then worked on implementing policy changes as part of Sir Anthony Duff’s modernisation of the service.

Since then, his main focus has been counter-terrorism, both international and domestic. In the late 1980s and 1990s he spearheaded the fight against Irish republican terrorism.

Since 1999, he has been directly involved in combating the threat from Islamic extremism and international terrorism.

In 2001 he was appointed to the Security Service’s management board as director of international counter-terrorism – 10 days before the 9/11 attacks.

He became deputy director general of MI5 in 2005.

Adds A little more detail from the MI5 statement

Various postings in Irish-related counter terrorism during the late 1980s and 1990s were interspersed with a spell as head of the Security Service’s secretariat, and also two years attached to the Home Office. During this secondment, Jonathan was closely involved in the development and implementation of VIP security policy.

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  • fred

    god, i’m sure he’ll be really, really pissed off to discover that under him MI5 won’t be able to get involved in civic policing – i’m mean how else is he going to meet MI5’s parking ticket quotas?

  • “… In the late 1980s and 1990s he spearheaded the fight against Irish republican terrorism….”

    it’s a wonder that he didn’t think of looking at ‘loyalist terrorism’ while he was at it as I think it was on going then as recently – in the interests of even-handedness and all that !!?

    Or is that not considered terrorism but ‘in situ army activity’ or what’s the latest euphemism ?

  • fred

    the words, or euphemism that you’re vainly searching for ‘anonymous’ is sinn fein stupidity – back in the 80’s and 90’s the RUC was in charge of all anti-terrorism operations in n. ireland while mi5 was in control of ‘mainland british’ operations – hence it ‘spearheaded’ the fight against the provos there since they were bombing london etc at the time – had loyalists groups been bombing london doubtless mi5 would have spearheaded the fight against loyalists there – but since loyalists were killing catholics in places like belfast that was the ruc’s responsibility (incidentally one of the benefits of your great leader’s peace process is that, as far as mi5 is concerned, we’re all ‘mainland britain’ now – jolly hockey sticks and all that!) – you know its about time people like you got with the message and left the past behind – people like jonathan evans are your mates now, even colleagues – so be nice to them – i’m sure they are being nice to sinn fein!

  • lib2016

    It wuz all themmuns fault – FRU, MI5 and all the rest were just a figment of the republican imagination while Special Branch were responsible for the nasty stuff….and the files have now mysteriously disappeared so you can’t prove anything anyway ever, we hope.

    Nothing to do with us, Guv.

    (exits stage right, washing hands)

  • Roisin

    Yes, but will the boys in PSF still get their cheques on time from M15 ?

  • Right Said Fred:

    I was speaking of the alphabet soup of British espionage / dirty tricks which I don’t distinguish between MI5, MI6, FRU, RUC SB, UVF or UFF as witnessed by their bombing of Dub/Monaghan in the 70’s, shoot to kill & blackening Stalker in the 80’s & 90’s, thro’ to the present days killings in Mount Vernon.

    Nice to see that you concur with Westminster’s distinguishing betw mainland and the Irish colony back then and now. Does that make you a planter / colonist ?

    Contrary to what you assume, I’m not a Shinner and therefore Gerry’s just another player on the stage to me. I’m sometimes unable to catagorise where my politico opinions lie… but I have NO PROBLEM in seeing where they most def DON’T lie.

    Leave the past behind… ah yeah, if you say so… Read the following and you might understand where some are coming from…

    The Czech writer, Milan Kundera, stated– “The struggle of freedom against tyranny is a struggle of memory against forgetting. The people remember their cause is just while their oppressors try to induce them to forget and turn their backs on the struggle”.

  • The Dubliner

    Anonymous, I prefer Bob Dylan’s shorthand version that the conquerors always “preach peace to the conquered.”

  • Bin sniffer

    What will Mi5 be doing in the North? And will their remit end at the Border or cover the rest of the Island too?

    If it doesn’t, does that mean the 26 Counties fall under the remit of Mi6? and I wonder how the two (reportedly competitive) agencies will interact as I imagine a fair amount of intel relevant to British security will involve activity in both jurisdictions.

    I’m thinking about ‘dissident’ republicans and militant Islamists.

    Maybe I should just ask the new fella. Anyone know his Bebo page?

  • heck

    “In the late 1980s and 1990s he spearheaded the fight against Irish republican terrorism”

    Pat Funucane was murdered by British intelligence directed death squads in 1989-just when Jonathan Evans was “spearheading the fight against Irish republican terrorism”

    In 1988 his agents murdered an innocent nationalist, Terry McDaid, in north Belfast. (someone I knew to say hello to.) That year they also murdered Gerald Slane.

    Loyalist agents, directed by British intelligence, are alleged to have murdered at least 14 Catholics and 2 UDA members in “In the late 1980s and 1990s”

    That this man can rise to this level without being questioned about his activities says a lot about the lack of democracy and acountability in Britain. In the US there would be public hearings and senators could question him and would be asked for their confirmation. In Britain nothing.

    An SF have signed up for this!!!

    Now I expect some unionist to deny this happened or to say “it’s in the past”, Or even worse “we can’t examine what MI5 did because SF might be embarassed”!!! (Unionists can type that one with a straight face!)

  • Forecast

    Does my head in when double standards are so blatantly applied to history.

    Unionists are constantly being told to accept that republicans have changed, and any reticence or timidity toward sharing power with those who for 30 odd years killed and butchered their loved ones is sheer b1gotry and orange supremacy etc. ‘Get on with it’ we are told, things have changed and living in the past is just another way of telling the croppies to lie down, you hun bastards.

    However, when it comes to the actions of the security forces no stone must be left unturned, no action must remain unscrutinised – live in the past, fuck yea! Wallow and MOPE in the past till your throat gives out.
    Remember this was a pretty mean little guerilla conflict, with both sides doing some pretty horrible stuff. However, the gloves were well and truly off on both sides. So lets just try and get on with it.

  • confused

    Republicans are quick to point to alleged involvement of security forces in some murders namely Finucane. As a consequence SF ask for public inquiry but they are not sincere because they are afraid of what might come out in the washing.
    There will be lists of informers who I believe still occupy high office in the movement.
    The next 10 years will be very interesting and I look forward to all these revelations.
    A lot of people will be embarrassed to say the least.

  • heck

    I knew it, I knew it, every time an nationalist complains about Britain running death squads that killed innocent Catholics in Nor Iron some unionist will claim that we really don’t want to know what happened because the British government ran the IRA that killed British soldiers and policemen, (and attempted to kill the British prime minister!!!). I can only assume that is what they are told to say at their orange lodge meetings. That claim doesn’t pass the giggle test. And right on cue along comes Confused. I’m waiting for Denial next.

    As for Forecast’s claim of double standards. Republicans haves always claimed they were at war. It was unionists and Brits (along with their amen chorus in the media) who talked about “the rule of law” and “violence”. Come on Forecast, wise up. If it was a war turn all the information over to historians and treat both sides as veterans. That way the truth will out but that is not what unionists want. Instead we have someone who may have run death squads taking on of the top positions in the British establishment.

    As I said, if Britain was a democracy based on the rule of law there would be questioning of his background in parliament, if he was’nt in jail. I know which side the hyprocisy is on forcast and it’s not republicans.

  • confused

    To Heck
    Have been watching the election results and haven’t the time to reassure you I am not an Orangeman but a great believer in the truth no matter what the consequences may be.
    I don’t withdraw any view of republicans fear of the full truth being exposed.
    Rm only want to highlight the wrongdoing of the Brits but will not admit to their own crimes.
    Nevertheless the truth will be established over the next 10 years or so. We have long memories and plenty of patience’
    There a lot of books to be written when the time is right and these will be a thorn in the flesh.

  • Yoda

    State security forces have a complete monopoly on the legal exercise of violence in any given society. They have to be held to a higher standard.

  • confused

    The Ira were not involved in a war otherwise they would have upheld the Geneva Convention.
    Instead they tortured and killed prisoners without a fair trial.
    No one in the civilised world agreed they were involved in a war just or otherwise.
    If Rm still argue this point then the rest of society can expect their leaders to be lifted for war crimes—–I will nor hold my breath.
    Good men must prevent them at all costs to rewrite history.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Congrats to Jonathan, he should have got the job last time round before the useless Manningham-Buller.

    I’m sure some of his “staff”, will still display some public animosity despite their re-election today though.