Election Updates…

Clearly we are going to try to keep you up to date as much as we can, but as Will Crawley notes, the BBC also have a text message update service.

Text the word “election” to 81222. Updates will arrive in your inbox from 2 pm tomorrow.


  • I saw the announcement on Newsline today but was looking for the number at bbc.co.uk/nirelandnews which was the URL that came up afterwards and it wasn’t there.


  • Sus

    Where’s the catch? Is it really free? Will we be bombarded with ads and such in a few weeks from now? Will our number be sold ona list by Autie? Is this really a free lunch offer?

  • DK

    Isn’t it quiet here with all the mentalists away trying to get everyone to vote for them.

    Maybe we can talk about normal things, like what’s the best restaurant in your area or best pub, or have you been to a good concert in NI recently.

    Or is that too wierd?

  • Pete Wonnacott

    Theres an idea DK, normal things. Answer your own questions first and foremost.


  • SuperSoupy

    I know of one polling station where the polling officer with the support of the head of polling not only refused to give any information on voting levels to polling agents throughout the day but refused to reveal the vote level the station recorded before sealing the boxes.

    A dopey jobsworth foreigner?

    Was this repeated elsewhere? Or did this one officer act differently from all the rest?

  • There seems to be more daftness that usual this year Soupy; heard of a polling clerk in Ballymena telling people they could ‘vote up to number six’. What a farquewhit!

  • It’ll be interesting to see what kind of texts you’ll get if you make a simple spelling mistake…