Overheard in Belfast…

Mark Simpson was back in town this morning doing a piece to camera outside the City Hall for BBC News 24 this morning. In interview with Ian Paisley this morning the octogenerian leader of the DUP was heard clearly to say that he was ‘having a great erection’. Slugger somehow doubts that one will make it to air. However Simpson himself was later heard to remark that it was a clear indication that ‘the Doc’ had clearly ‘not gone soft..

  • Yokel

    First LSD..now Viagra…this boy has life in him yet.

  • I’m amazed that no unionist but Rainbow Bob is making a very obvious point about the prospect of Big Ian as First Minister: that he is simply not mentally agile enough any longer to take on the Shinners within the resumed institutions. He may well be in better shape than most 80 year olds but this challenge is going to be beyond him.

  • slug


    I heard the Doc say that the executive needed a big dose of LSD on interview with SevenFM. Where did you hear it?

  • slug

    Actually Watchman, LSD aside, I was rather impressed by his ability to answer questions on that radio interview, ona whole range of social and economic questions. He seemed to give a good performance, and I thought he would be able to work as first minister in partnership with his son as the junior First Minister.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Stand up for the Ulstermen.

  • Yokel


    I believe I read it somewhere. Can’t remember.

  • joeCanuck

    LSD couldn’t possibly make things more weird than they already are.

  • Bill

    Maybe he wants to return to old money.

  • Ben

    Doc running things with the help of Wee Ian? I don’t think so. In that scenario all of the effort will be spent fending off the Family Robinson and Donaldson and all the rest. Either he’s got the stuff or they park him somewhere with Ariel Sharon and that other guy, oh yeah, Franco.

  • John Farrell

    Wasnt there a story about a FreeP minister staging a protest outside Belfasts first sex shop. Talking about the various topics available in the dirty book section, he allegedly made a very unfortunate remark about how the people of Belfast didnt want a certain kind of sex shoved down their throats.

    Surely that never actually happened……did it?

  • Slug,

    There’s no doubt Baby Doc will be in there as an out-ider for his da. But the fact remains – how many people of that age could do what will be one of the most demanding jobs in UK politics? I’m not saying that Big Ian is senile. But people at the Martyrs have been saying quietly for at least the last 15 years the Paisley is not the man that he was. When you watch him making a proper speech now you wonder how many lines he is going to fluff.

    Mind you, if the comparison is between Big Ian and Wee Reg …

  • visitor

    From: The Mirror (London, England) | Date: February 22, 2007
    The Mirror (London, England)
    Byline: DAN McGINN
    THE DUP has been reaching out to all kinds of new constituents in recent years on the journey back to devolution.
    But even colleagues of Ian Paisley in North Antrim were taken aback when he appeared to take them on a different kind of trip on Pancake Tuesday.
    The North Antrim MP was in great form, tossing pancakes in the kitchen of the Galgorm Manor Hotel for a photo opportunity in his Ballymena heartland.
    However, he later shocked colleagues by opining: What Northern Ireland needs is a good dose of LSD!

  • moochin photoman

    So if the Doc starts talking about hardline politics is he talking about lines of coke?
    He has enough to say without a few lines of charlie!!!

  • susan

    So all that talk about “standing firm” ….of staring down “stiff opposition”…of taking on “the hard men” …..

  • Billy


    Paisley is slowing up but do you really think Baby Doc is going to be much help?

    Based on his public appearances, he is arrogant but has nothing to be arrogant about.

    To say that he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box is being extremely kind to him.

    I think you’ll find that he has no chance of ever assuming the leadership of the DUP. I’d also say that whenever his father is replaced (almost certainly by Robinson but even if it were Dodds or Donaldson) that Baby Doc will be move rapidly into the background.

  • Rory

    …..leader of the DUP was heard clearly to say that he was ‘having a great erection’.

    Have readers considered that perhaps it was not a slip of the tongue but that the Doctor was simply expressing an amatory interest in the nubile Simpson.

  • susan

    Is that a gun in your pocket, or have you just been elected First Minister?