Appeal to sluggerites – Election results coverage

As part of Slugger’s election day coverage, I am taking 8th March off work to provide statistical analysis of results. For this to succeed Slugger wants to recruit volunteer contact points in each of the count centres. We need this contact point to provide us with the full detailed results of the 1st count and if possible subsequent counts. A mobile phone will be essential plus the contact point(s) must be willing to keep an eye on all the counts at their respective centre and tear themselves away from celebrations/commiserations to contact us quickly with the results. If you are willing contact Mick or myself ([email protected]) with your details and the count centre you will be attending.Northern Ireland Assembly Election 7 March 2007

8 Count centres
1. Omagh – Fermanagh and South Tyrone/West Tyrone – Contact Point identified
2. Antrim – East Antrim/South Antrim – Contact Point identified
3. Belfast – East Belfast (CP Identified) South Belfast (CP Identified) North Belfast (CP Identified) West Belfast
4. Banbridge – Upper Bann/Newry and Armagh
5. Lisburn – Lagan Valley/South Down (CP Identified)
6. Londonderry – East Londonderry/Foyle
7. Ballymena – North Antrim/Mid Ulster (CP Identified)
8. Newtownards – North Down/Strangford (CP Identified)