Steady as she goes..

While the BBC notes 10 motions tabled at the SF Ard Fheis calling on the party to alter it’s current, conditional, stance on support for policing the Belfast Telegraph tells us that voting has already been completed, although there doesn’t seem to have been much of a debate

One resolution from Co. Kerry that said pledging allegiance to the police amounted to reinforcing British rule was withdrawn. Others from Fermanagh, Co. Dublin and Monaghan, called for support for policing to be conditional on loyalists disarming, or London agreeing a date for ending partition. In the event, no-one spoke in favour and they were overwhelmingly defeated.

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  • Casimir

    All those motions highlighting unease at their new found faith in the rule of law, but no one spoke up?

    I wonder why.

  • Gerenian Nestor

    Why would someone table a motion and then not speak in favour of it?
    Because the motions are not real and are a disingenuous attempt to show how heart-wrenching the decision was? Surely not!

  • lib2016

    According to a speaker from Sinn Fein (didn’t catch the name) on RTE yesterday the motions for the annual Ard Fheis were tabled before the recent special Ard Fheis had settled party policy so were out of date.

    As usual the cockup theory confounds the conspiracy theorists.

  • john

    Theres a lot of people still in sinn fein that are not happy with the decision taken to support the psni, there are still good republicans left in the party, only time will tell if they will remain much longer.I would say the motions were put in before the special ard fheis on policing passed the recent decision to support the psni. What i cant understand is the motion was passed conditionally and the ard chomhairle would only implement it when certain conditions were met including the transfer of policing powers back to the assembly, but that has seems to have been forgotten about, the next day Gerry Adams was calling on people to support the psni and for young republicans to join them? the leadership have a different set of rules for themselves when it comes to party policy.