Oops he did it again!

Today’s News Letter carries photographs of Lord Molyneaux canvassing with the DUP’s West Belfast candidate, Diane Dodds, and the three DUP North Belfast candidates.

  • Comrade Stalin

    WTF ?

  • Look, Wee Jim is DUP through and through these days, and as he was the architect of post-Anglo Irish Agreement ‘Unionist Unity’, why is anyone surprised?

  • Plum Duff

    Ian Paisley, born 1926, and James Molyneaux, born 1920 – NI’s men of tomorrow, God help us.

  • snicker

    It’s always good to see wee Jim out.

  • snicker

    But in the meantime we’ll have to content ourselves with seeing him canvassing for that tiny woman.
    Thanks, here all week.

  • Greenflag

    Mr Do Nothing or Did Nothing for 17 years returns to Belfast to do more nothing for eh 7 days 🙁

    ‘The Return of the Integrationist ‘

  • Inspector Clouseau

    OK so James Molyneaux might not have been a fantastic leader for unionism, but his campaigning for the DUP does reflect negatively on the UUP. Wonder how Cobain and that unknown UUP candidate in West Belfast feel about it?

  • GavBelfast

    Is he still a member of the UUP? Open-minded of Dodds to allow ‘Judas’ to assist her, what?

  • challenger

    Aye this was obviously done to irk the UUP but the truth is that most twenty -something voters will be saying “Who’s that oul fella?” and DUP cheerleaders who remember Jim will be saying “Harumph! He’s still alive, then”.

  • Crow

    It seems he is more impactful after his retirement than he was before it.

  • Garibaldy

    I wonder what difference he sees between the DUP line now and the UUP one before the last election he did this.

  • Rory

    I’m confused. Is this a “good thing” or a “bad thing” or is it simply, like the rest of NI Unionist politics, a joke?

  • gerry & the peacemakers

    This is the man who said the IRA cessation was the most destablising thing to happen unionism since partition. The man was and always will be a fool.

    Anyway I suspect that the loss of Diane Dodds’ seat will be the only bad news for the DUP next Thursday and Friday.

  • Truth and Justice

    Shows the UUP for what they are a lost cause and a failure for Unionism a vote for the UUP is a waist of time.

  • sam

    Well will Reg dump wee Jim or is really what they mean for “all of us”

  • Junior Apparatchik


    Quite right.

    If you want to vote for a Unionist party, vote DUP.

    If you want to vote “for all of us”, vote Alliance.

    The Ulster Unionists are a party without a purpose.

  • Junior Apparatchik

    “We want to create a fair and just society” – Sir Reg Empey.

    “It’s time to get Stormont working” – Sir Reg Empey.

    “Bananas are yellow” – Sir Reg Empey

    “We have nothing to offer other than statements of the bleedin’ obvious” – Sir Reg Empey

    Exit stage left.

  • Aquifer

    Sad. Maybe he’s lost

  • Rubicon

    The truth is someone nicked Jim’s teeth and he was just visiting likely culprits to see if they’d give them back!

    [Edited by moderator – play the ball]

  • truetoname


    Old party leader if found please return to Hollywood

  • Billy

    This is nothing more than a pathetic publicity stunt.

    Molyneaux presided over the main Unionist party during the Anglo-Irish agreement and the Downing Street declaration.

    He also said that the IRA cessation was the most destablising thing to happen unionism since partition.

    He resigned as leader of the UUP before he was pushed.

    What a record of failure!!

    Do the DUP really have no better ideas than to bring out an 87 year old has-been who was kicked out by the UUP?

    Then again, their own leader will be 81 in a few weeks.

    Unionism can really look forward to meeting new challenges with “leaders” like this.

  • bertie

    Great to see is still well enough to do this!!!

  • Percival

    The squirming “wee never liked Molyneaux anyway” from UUP supporters is amazing. When Jim Molyneaux was leader of the UUP they were the biggest party in Northern Ireland – they had at one stage a dozen MP’s and nearly 200 councillors – he may not have been popular with UUP Trimble-groupies but he damn well was with the Unionist electorate. Suck it up boys, the party’s over….

  • BonarLaw

    Good for “wee Jim”!

    Securing unionist representation for west Belfast should go beyond petty party politics- especially given the history of UUP misrepresentation of the area since the foundation of the State.

  • Greenflag

    It’s no go James Molyneaux
    It’s no go this election
    Avoided power sharing 16 years
    Prayed for integration

    It’s no go the DUP
    It’s no go for Paisley
    Octogenarians going one way
    But not the Irish Nation

    It’s no go the Assembly farce
    When Robinson can say
    That power sharing with Sinn Fein
    Will be battle night and day

    It’s no go Gerry Adams
    It’s no go Peter Hain
    This power sharing convoluted mess
    Will only bring more pain.

    The UUP glass is falling fast
    And brings DUP elation
    But neither stopped the forward march
    Of resurgent Irish nation

    It’s no go Alliance
    It’s no go SDLP
    Sunningdale farce
    And Assembly bare arse
    Is plain for all to see

    So it’s no go James Molyneaux
    And it’s no go the vision
    Lord Kilead should stay at home
    And pray for Repartition

    (Alternate ending for those averse or too sensitive for Repartition would be )

    So it’s no go James Molyneaux
    It’s no go election mission
    Better to stay at home in bed
    And watch your television!

    With apologies to Louis MacNiece

  • Greenflag

    Billy ,

    ‘Unionism can really look forward to meeting new challenges with “leaders” like this. ‘

    To be fair to the oul codger Molyneaux was never in favour of power sharing – ever -neither Sunningdale nor later . Molyneaux’s view appeared to be that NI would fare better under DR as Finchley North West as there was no way that a local Assembly in Northern Ireland could ever ‘escape’ from the constitutional question and the eternal merry go round . His non pursuit of power sharing as leader was thus perfectly in line with his core political beliefs . The fact that NI was suffering directly as a result of DR (1974 – present) appeared to escape his notice.

    So now as we see him rally to the DUP flag the question has to be asked – Has wee Jim given up on his core beliefs or does he still hold out the hope that the best way to avoid power sharing in NI is to vote for the DUP .?

    On balance wee Jim might have got that right !

  • tomorrows people

    Who’s “wee Jim”? 😉

  • JG

    Obviously he has never forgiven the UUP or the potato university for getting rid of him as leader.

  • Jim who? After a wholly pointless term of leadership of the UUP, he now lends wholly pointless support to the wholly pointless DUP.

  • Greenflag

    Tomorrow’s people ,

    Who’s “wee Jim” ?

    Obviously Yesterday’s man 🙂

  • steve48

    Happy to say that Lord Molyneaux has been fully engaged in the UUP campaign in Sth Antrim and spent Saturday morning in Ballyclare canvassing on behalf of myself and Saturday afternoon canvassing with Danny Kinahan in Crumlin.

  • BonarLaw


    that’s well & good, but any comments about his support for the dupers in Belfast?

    Have you anything to say to Fred Cobain or whatshisname in West Belfast?

    BTW was Burnside also a beneficiary of Jims’ support?

  • Some of the stuff on this thread is pathetic and abusive. Stop making fools of yourselves, children.

    I’m not very surprised at the pictures, or the fact that the DUP will be delighted by them. Whether the scribblers here like it or not, Molyneaux was around long enough to earn a certain esteem among the many traditional unionists who drifted away from the UUP thanks to its capture by its wet liberal tendency. Empey and his Third XV neither understand that constituency nor are capable of securing its support again – as this week will demonstrate on both counts. Getting the support of Wee Jim, even if it is only for the contest in a particular area, legitimises the DUP’s claim to be the mainstream unionist party. So I bet Fred Cobain, who is already fighting an uphill battle, will be less than ecstatic.

    BTW, Stephen, good luck to you and Smiler on Wednesday.

  • By my reckoning these were the second and third times Molyneaux endorsed DUP candidates in Befast and once again they did worse than they were hoping.

    Could he be a curse that’s undermined them across Belfast?