Politics Show and Webcast

Calling all political junkies. If you haven’t had enough of the election yet, I just wanted to tip you off about two upcoming BBC events. Sunday’s Politics Show is a full hour-long local programme. We’ll have three main debates: one within unionism (including Bob McCartney), another within nationalism, and a third with all the main parties including Alliance. If you have any nuggets you think I should explore with the parties please post your suggestions. Then on Monday I’m hosting another webcast – this one’s with the smaller parties and I’m really keen to get into some interesting topics. It’s going live at half two and will be available on demand thereafter. The panel will consist of: PUP, Dawn Purvis; UKUP, David Hoey; Green, Brian Wilson; Conservatives, James Leslie; Workers Party, John Lowry; and Rainbow George Weiss who wants to consign his fellow panelists to history. You can contribute questions in advance http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/6405249.stm

Look forward to hearing from you.