“Pipe-smoking Romanians, flamboyant Scandinavians…”

RTÉ have already selected their entry, with the help of some public voting, but there is competition for the chance to be the next Eurovision Overlordies. The Big G’s Newsblog has a round-up of YouTube links as the BBC try to decide which soon-to-be should be forgotten singer will step up to the mic. ‘While the Londonist gives a light critical appraisal of some entries. And, in the meantime, here’s a reminder of what they’re trying to match.
And the competition? Well here’s the Romanian entry that the Guardian fixates on.. btw all acts on the night will be performing to a backing tape.. natch.


  • Yoda


    Although nothing tops 1984’s “Diggy loo Diggy Ley.”

    Except perhaps, “My Lovely Horse.”

  • Murderous rot is still murderous rot, and no amount of cult this, kitsch that or retro th’uther is going to imbue this steaming pile of annual drivel with any value or sense of worth. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes for three hours than give up one second of my feeble existence to watching this rubbish.

    Apart, that is, from the voting.

  • DK

    I heard that Morrisey was going to have a stab at the UK entry, but alas no luck.