On Slugger Radio tonight…

This evening we begin the programme slightly earlier than usual at 7.30. We kick off with an interview with Mitchel McLaughlin on his way to a public meeting in Crumlin tonight. Then we hope to hear from Ciaran Mussen, the guitar playing Green with the big money backing (at Eastwoods that is), before turning the back end of the programme over to our two resident number crunchers, Sammy Morse and Gordon Lucy.

  • Ziznivy

    Can I expect the show to end with 30 seconds of rustling and (presumably Mick) muttering f*ck? In fairness after a considerable time listening to Gerry McGeough that’s the least imprecation you could expect.

  • Mick Fealty

    I sincerely hope not. Onwards and upwards…

  • Text me and let me know when you want me to ring in Mick.