Flying the flag

Lisburn City Council is consulting on its flags policy. Consultation runs to March 20th.

  • wild turkey

    What is this about?
    Does anyone know the context within which the ‘consultation’ is taking place?
    What is the current policy?
    Is this part of an Equality Impact Assessment?

    No doubt a memory lapse but the Lisburn Council press release does not mention that the Equality Commission issued a statment in 2006 that …

    “The Equality Commission has found that Lisburn City Council failed to comply with its own Equality Scheme in decisions taken in relation to the flying of the Union Flag at its civic headquarters and at other Council locations.

    The Commission carried out an investigation into this matter following a complaint received from Lisburn Councillor Paul Butler. This investigation found that in May 2005 Lisburn City Council had introduced a policy of flying the Union Flag permanently at six different Council locations. This altered their policy, introduced following an Equality Impact Assessment in 2003, to confine display of the Union Flag to the civic headquarters on nineteen designated days. In January 2006 the Council removed all flags other than that on the civic headquarters, pending the outcome of a screening exercise on this policy.

    The Council’s Equality Impact Assessment, completed in January 2006, into a proposal to fly the Union Flag permanently at the civic headquarters, resulted in a recommendation that the policy, of flying the Union Flag on designated days only, should continue pending a further report from the Chief Executive of the Council. The Council decided to reject this recommendation and opted to fly the union flag permanently at civic headquarters.

    The Equality Commission has found that Lisburn council has failed to comply with its equality scheme. “By adopting an Equality Scheme Lisburn City Council has made a public commitment to promote equality and good relations in carrying out all of its functions,” Bob Collins, Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission said. “If, having carried out an Equality Impact Assessment into a policy, they find that there is an adverse impact on any group, they are committed to consider how they might reduce that impact and to look at alternative policies. In this case the Commission’s investigation has found that the Council did not fulfil those commitments, and we have made recommendations to put that right. “

  • Aaron

    I had no idea that they had a ‘flags policy’ – and the contents are chilling. More of a bigots charter.

  • páid

    Oh No, a thread about flags. Run for cover!

  • mnob

    wild turkey – I’m not sure why the press release would say such a thing ? I think you would be hard pressed to find any government unit anywhere in the world making a press release along the lines of “We f*cked up. We were caught …”

    Aaron – where did you find the policy ? I had a hunt and couldn’t find it. Maybe you could point out where and why you find it chilling.

  • sean

    ‘Lisburn City Council is consulting on its flags policy. Consultation runs to March 20th. ‘

    Do we know what year?