The cost of the DUP to the taxpayer

The DUP’s manifesto for the 2005 elections, aside from ruling out government with Sinn Fein, boasted that:

Gregory Campbell tabled more Early Day Motions than the whole of the Ulster Unionist Party

Iain Dale doesn’t think that is necessarily something to be boasting about given the cost of printing them.

  • Got to do better, Michael. The DUP are vulnerable on many fronts, but the obscene cost of EDMs isn’t one of them.

  • OhYesIndeed

    Are the UUP that hard up for points of criticism that they need to criticise an MP for doing their job. Times are bad.

    Oh yes, and learn to spell young Shoddyday – boasted.

    Oh yes indeed…..

  • Inspetor Clouseau

    Talk about scraping the barrel!

  • Michael Shilliday

    Point taken, attention to spelling ain’t great.

    I love that everytime I open my mouth on Slugger it’s taken as read that I have been directed by the UUP press office, Reg, or both.

    Its a small point that I thought was worth making.

    And running a competition over who submits most Parliamentary Graffiti is not an MP’s job.

  • Tampico

    No marks for effort Michael.

    Quite pathetic really.

    I don’t know why Mick allows his otherwise excellent site to continue to be abused by this partisan blogging.

    BTW, I’m sure there are several UUPers who wish they were still able to table EDMs!

  • Michael Shilliday

    I’m here to be partisan, as is fair_deal, as is Gonzo, as is Chris Donnelly.

  • OhYesIndeed

    yes Shilliday but they rise above cheap party shots and actually provide topics/analysis which stimulates debate. Your efforts are always anti-DUP dirge

    Oh yes indeed…..

  • Michael Shilliday

    Everyone needs a hobby.

  • Alex S

    Micheal has a point, all to often our MPs ask parlimentary questions yet do not seem to follow them up, is it just a bit of publicity at the taxpayers expense?

  • Bob Wilson

    The EDM is the resort of the relatively powerless back-bencher.
    Unfortunately being outside the UK political system all are MPs will remain powerless backbenchers.
    So they can hardly be criticised for resorting to them?

  • John Farrell

    Well didnt one of their Belfast assemblymen have higher expenses than the one in West Tyrone.

  • Dawkins

    The EDM issue leaves me cold.

    I’m only interested to know whether Iain Dale really looks like the pic on his blog or if his brow has been Photoshopped.

  • Who’s counting

    Just got a DUP leaflet through my door and a local councillor and MLA claims to have lodged 50 notices of motion. Sounds like something the doctor should be getting told about! Like edm’s what is the point of nom’s? If they actually achieved anything surely the sensible thing to do would be to claim how you had changed the world. Worthless bits of paper if you ask me! Do these sort of statements fool anyone?

  • Nevin
  • Pete W

    EDM’s? This really is sorry stuff. Am sure the Lady Sylvia is working hard on EDM’s tho, she surely isn’t spending much time on her keeping her website up to date. Surely you should be out canvassing in Valley, where the local UUP down there are running the most shambolic campaign possibly ever witnessed.

  • Alan

    Many EDM’s are not instigated by the MP, but by lobby groups

    For those groups, EDM’s are a bit pointless unless you have the recources to support them. Without substantial promo materials you end up chasing signatures rather than support.

    We should charge MP’s for the EDM service – it comes out at about £ 18 a week.

  • interested

    EDMs are available for MPs to make use of – if they choose to make use of that then why criticise.

    There may be a case for their abolition but funnily enough when former UUP MPs were championing what they were claiming to have done for the people they didnt mind mentioning how many EDMs they had tabled and signed.

    Just what is it that Sylvia does btw?

  • Observer

    Its one of the only things that NI MP’s can actually show for.

    Its hardly as if they can do anything with regards to roads, planning, health or education … apart from talk and ‘negotiations’.

  • Observer

    Mind u, its prob more than the UUP did in 80 odd years!