More questions about Historical Enquiries Team

Further questions are being asked about the work of the Historical Enquiry Team. The DUP are concerned a lack of funding is behind the DNA decision while Danny Kennedy is worried that cases referred by the Police Ombudsman may be given greater priority over other cases. An Irish News editorial calling for a truth commission highlighted:

thus far has been dealt with in a piecemeal fashion and while some victims may have had their concerns addressed, many more have not.

The present approach is also highly inequitable, a case investigated by the HET has a nominal spend of £7,344 while so far the inquiry into Bloody Sunday has spent £12,571,429 per death.Calculations:

Cost per death
HET Annual budget x Number of years = 4,000,000 x 6 = £24,000,000
Number of cases = 3,268
£24,000,000/3268 = £7,344

Bloody Sunday Inquiry cost / No.of deaths = £176,000,000/14 = £12,571,429

  • Glensman

    If the British Gov/Army would Co-operate with inquiries or just tell the truth from the beginning then these inquests would not cost anything!

  • heck

    Fair deal

    With all due respect this is a totally stupid argument. The reason these inquiries cost so much is because of the actions of the British government.

    To get to the root of collusion all Honest Tony has to do is call general Kerr, the head of MI5 and Flanagan into his office and ask them. And then report to parliament the full details. If they refuse to tell him then he should fire them on the spot.

    Pro British complaints about the cost of the bloody Sunday inquiry are similar to someone murdering their parents and then asking for sympathy because they are an orphan.

    You know better than to make stupid comments like this.

  • fair_deal


    If there is no hierarchy of victims then there is no basis for such disproportionate and differential treatment.

  • Aaron McDaid

    If the PIRA would consider holding court martials into activities of their own members, will the British government and the unionists cooperate fully?

    I can’t make up my mind if I’ve just made a joke suggestion or not…

  • FD

    [i]If there is no hierarchy of victims then there is no basis for such disproportionate and differential treatment.[/i]

    Wrong. It is not the hierarchy of victims that is the problem, but the hierarchy of the perpetrators. HMG and its agencies were specifically created to protect, not to murder innocent British citzens/subjects. And it appears that they have done just that, i.e. knowingly and with malice aforethought murdered or colluded in the murder of innocent civilians without benefit of trial.

    That is a direct violation of HMG’s basic purpose.

    Nice bit of whataboutery that does not reflect the thoughtful approach we have rightly come to expect from you instead of the mindless propaganda and sloganizing all too prevalent in these discussions.

    I suggest you rethink the issue.

  • Sean

    It is simple!

    After so many untold years in relatively open custody they have been handled by umpteen unknown number of officers and non-officers. All evidence collected from them would be compromised and not pass the sniff test.

    Does the Omagh bombing trial not give ample evidence of this

    Mind you that judge was very liberal in what he allowed as evidence, if it had been a Canadain Court all the evidence would have been thrown out as contaminated

    and several officers should have been charged with various counts of falsifying evidence and perjury

  • Aaron McDaid

    collusion coverup 🙂

    “The UN’s highest court at The Hague has cleared Serbia of direct responsibility for genocide during the Bosnian war of the 1990s.”