More questions about Historical Enquiries Team

Further questions are being asked about the work of the Historical Enquiry Team. The DUP are concerned a lack of funding is behind the DNA decision while Danny Kennedy is worried that cases referred by the Police Ombudsman may be given greater priority over other cases. An Irish News editorial calling for a truth commission highlighted:

thus far has been dealt with in a piecemeal fashion and while some victims may have had their concerns addressed, many more have not.

The present approach is also highly inequitable, a case investigated by the HET has a nominal spend of £7,344 while so far the inquiry into Bloody Sunday has spent £12,571,429 per death.Calculations:

Cost per death
HET Annual budget x Number of years = 4,000,000 x 6 = £24,000,000
Number of cases = 3,268
£24,000,000/3268 = £7,344

Bloody Sunday Inquiry cost / No.of deaths = £176,000,000/14 = £12,571,429