Looking for international sponsors for ‘ongoing transformation’…

Courtesy of reader John, and found in the Times (of London) Business pages yesterday, an appeal for international sponsorship from the Strategic Investment Board for it’s ‘iconic proposal’ at the Maze:

“The proposed development of the Maze/Long Kesh former prison site is planned to provide a physical expression of the ongoing transformation from conflict to peace and to provide an inclusive and shared resource for the whole community.

“The Masterplan for the site includes a flagship multi-sports stadium with 42,000 capacity which will host Gaelic sports, football and rugby matches in Northern Ireland, in addition to a range of pop
concerts and other events…

“We are seeking a sponsor who supports the ethos of the Shared Future for Northern Ireland and who appreciates the mutual commercial benefits to be gained by being associated with the international
branding of this iconic proposal.”

John comments: There is no runner-up award for molar-grinding use of civil-servantese.