Three down

The UUP has formally lost its third Chief Executive in four years. Will Corry had been suspended in June 2006 and the issues were being dealt with through lawyers. However, an amicable settlement has now been reached. It seems the UUP plan to abolish the post of Chief Executive. This would indicate those seeking to modernise the structures and practices of the UUP have suffered a setback.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    “My own view is that we have enough talent available to choose someone with the right degree of political nous and corporate knowledge, so it could well be that someone is promoted from inside the party.” – Lord Maginnis

    If they have been inside the party how did it get into the mess it is currently in and how will it get out of it?

    They are stuck in a time warp.

  • Lorcan

    Promoting from within without advertising? I hope they get good advive from the equality commission.

  • PeterBrown

    Are there many lifeboats left on SS UUP? And still the band plays on and watertight bulkhead after watertight bulkhead is breached…..

  • Elvis Parker

    How long has this guy been suspended on full pay? It must be a year! I wonder how much his pay off is?

  • Alex S

    don’t get to exicited lads, many in the party questioned the need for a Chief Executive in the first place

  • Way Icit

    ” many in the party questioned the need for a Chief Executive in the first place ”

    Yes Alic – the dinosaurs’ and they are all dead now you know!

  • Agamemmnon

    Why was he suspended in the first place?

  • interested

    “don’t get to exicited lads, many in the party questioned the need for a Chief Executive in the first place”

    So clearly the best way to ensure that the party didnt have one was to have three of them leaving in various questionable circumstances.

    But still, got there in the end, eh!

  • Way Icit

    Will Corry was the ‘best thing’ to happen to the party since Adam was a wee boy. The tin pot Orange Hall mentality could not stand the efficient and transparent administrative leadership he was giving. The small minded cleek, who really run the place from the shadows, prefer the mushroom mentality – ‘keep them in the dark and throw s**** at them’. The members are not being told the ‘full story’ for ‘legal reasons’ I suppose – God help us! It is a shocking indictment that even the so called moderates and progressives could not prevent this from happening – shame on you, shame on you all.

    Where are you Reg? Hiding in your bunker and trying to make us all believe that it is not a matter for you, after all, you are only the humble leader and servant of the party. Go talk to Pilot, at least he used real water.

    God bless you Will – they are not worthy of you.

  • BeardyBoy

    To lose one parent, Mr Worthing, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.
    Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), The Importance of Being Earnest, 1895, Act I

    By the way FD, did you not say I was in a time warp – or was that another person – whatever – seems to be alot of time warps.

  • Frustrated Democrat


    If the FD you are referring to is me, unless you are in the leadership of the UUP, I did not suggest you were in a time warp.

    If however you are in that situation – if the cap fits wear it.

  • Cliquey


    You mean clique I take it?

    There is so little drama involved in this, I think you’d be surprised to know the full story! Neither Will nor anyone else is a saint and certainly no one was entirely in the right or entirely in the wrong.

  • Way Icit

    Cliquey ‘Clique’

    Dear me, I too am imperfect!

    Come on guys – put away the barrels of whitewash!

    The issue here is not perfection – the last person to claim that would be Will, unlike a lot of people in the party – ‘Lord’ help us!

    The issue is that the ‘men in the shadows’, once they realised the good man the party had appointed, who could not be ‘manipulated’ to comply with their ‘perfect will’, they were after him. If Will had put two spoons of sugar in his tea when the normal Cunningham House practice was one, they would have used that.

    If he had strung an orange rag around his neck, beaten a big drum and said ‘Yes Sir Yes Sir three bags full sir’ or ‘How high do you want me to jump, Sir?’ he would still be in the job.

    Clash of personalities my foot – looks more like a clash of sanities!

    Will – you are as well out of the madhouse!