How effective is the HET?

Hugh Orde is a fan but questions are being raised about the thoroughness of the Historical Enquiries Team’s work over its lack of action on DNA testing of seized weaponry. It has completed approximatley 10% of its task, 442 cases, but none of these have produced a file to the Public Prosecution Service. Meanwhile, Des Rea, has called for a government to view establishing a commission to examine truth recovery as a priority.

  • Steaky

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    Oh HET! Must remember to read the article and not misread the headline, …………..I will get my coat.

  • heck

    maybe the DNA is in the same place as the files of the North Belfast special branch

  • Ingram

    A non event.C2 have taken a number of cases of HET, to play political policing with. Dave Cox and his HET team should be ashamed of themselves for being willing pawns in a long game.

    Ding Ding