Renew-aluia: the Greens as you never quite heard them before…

Reverend Billy, with a few ‘wise words’… in favour of the Brian Wilson, Kieran Mussen and the Green Party…

  • SuperSoupy

    Please God tell me that nonsense isn’t their PEB. I was predicting a possible seat for Wilson and that idiocy would destroy their entire campaign.

    Grow the bloody hell up. Crap American looper ‘comedians’ promoting your party – holy feck!

  • Butterknife

    Can’t be. Your not allowed to sell religion on TV.

  • Free Agent


    What a refreshing break from the dreary old nonsense about sectarian issues that we’ve had to endure for the last thirty years.

    I predict a win,
    I predict a win!

  • corb lund

    SS –

    “Grow the bloody hell up. Crap American looper ‘comedians’ promoting your party – holy feck!”

    What are you talking about mate?

    Rev Billy is a serious social-activist known across the world for highligting the way rampant consumerism destroys local communities. To be honest we could do with a few more Rev B’s around these parts. Before you reply: Do some reading

    Good for the Greens – they’re willing to think outside the box, unlike 99% of the current generation of local politicians. More importantly they’re focusing on a key issue – no one will give a shit about NI’s constitutional status when Belfast lough starts lapping against the steps of Stormont!

  • Crataegus

    According to their site this would be theirpreferred PEB

    I must say both the above and the Rev brought a smile to a grumpy old Crat after a morning wasted by nonsense.

    So far I have had SF’s pack of lies, a down to earth SDLP, a slick UUP, can’t wait for the DUP masters of horror to produce that sequel ‘Ulster is DOOMED’ (81).

  • Perhaps not

    I am not sure I would welcome this sort of support. There are all sorts of evangelical churches around Bangor and this may be seen as taking the piss, though I am sure that was not what was intended.

  • I thought it was quite clever, actually. Although Reverend Billy is obviously quite a far out deep green…

    As for the Evangelical Churches around Bangor, I think potential Green voters are more likely to be found among the non-church going majority; Brian Wilson’s personal vote in West Church might be a different matter.

  • Henry94

    I like it. There is no point in playing it safe when you are a small party and there is more of a serious political point in that broadcast that in any of the others I’ve seen.

  • …and I hope I never see a Green Party making this sort of mistake again.

  • Hey, this isn’t half as embarassing as the ‘Paint the whole world green’ election broadcast we did in England and Wales a few years back, honest! I think this is more aimed at existing green voters rather than convincing would be green voters. If you don’t read the Ecologist and don’t know about Buy Nothing Day, you probably won’t have heard of Rev Billy and might be thinking ‘what the …?’ when you see this PEB. It’s clever and amusing, but will it convince the waverers to take the plunge and vote Green for the first time? I hope so!