Not soooo divided after all…

division.jpgThere are some great photos in the Northern Ireland group… not least this one, but you really have to go to flickr and roll over the annotations to get why SiD has called it division.jpg. It features the DUP and Sinn Fein’s campaign launch, just yards apart…

  • Pete Baker

    Hmmm.. there may be a bit of licence used in the description “launch their local election campaigns about 50 metres from each other.”

    Surely they’re waiting outside the Electoral Office to register their nominations?

    The Irish News had a better photo of the two camps.. taken inside.

  • Nevin

    Some may accuse Ian Paisley of changing his political clothes but at the Valentine’s Day breakfast briefing with journalists he’ll be sharing the Ramada Hotel with a conference on living life as a tranvestite or transexual. [News Letter, Feb 13]

  • Queens Unionist

    Goodness gracious me.
    imagine two political parties standing on within 50 yards of each other.
    What has the world came too.
    Launginh the election campaign, yes quite, thats what it looks like to me as well.
    For the less quick among you that was indeed a sarcastic comment.
    As Pete Baker abaove said it looks more like “they’re waiting outside the Electoral Office to register their nominations?”

  • Nevin

    Pete, you might also note that SiD’s ‘launch’ has become Mick’s launch …