Kelly McGuinness rumble, rumbles on…

Tom Kelly, in a further exchange with Martin McGuinness from last week, with a bantering response in Monday’s Irish News…


  • Nevin

    An excellent piece of filleting by the SDLP’s former director of elections, Mick. I hope Sharon Haughey, an SDLP press officer, isn’t too badly injured by Kelly’s deft knife-twisting 🙂

  • The Dubliner

    That’s an amusing article from Tom Kelly. I found it particularly amusing that he would immediately follow his statement that “Irrational rants and personal abuse are among the more noticeable nasty side effects as the condition progresses” by irrationally ranting with personal abuse such as “Any ability to present reasoned argument is lost by a sudden rush of blood to the head which incapacitates the recipient from holding two coherent thoughts simultaneously. The condition is not thought to respond well to treatment for a period of weeks but normal vision is usually restored as long as the patient takes medication. Or as they say in Magherafelt ‘keep taking the tablets'” As they also say in Magherafelt: “That’s the kettle calling black arse to the pot.”

  • Hogan from County Tyrone

    I thought it was an excellent piece by kelly, don’t get the Haughey ref tho?

    SF were clearly embarrassed by their ‘putting manners’ nonsense.

    Can you imagine DHSSPS minister O’Dowd Vs Sir Humphrey Appleby?


  • Nevin

    Hogan, Sharon’s tone on collusion could easily have come from the SF propaganda green book; she’s an SDLP victim of this ‘political glaucoma’.

  • andy

    Is talking about collusion to be the preserve of the shinners then?

  • gerry

    Witty response to the sf wordsmiths, or spin doctors or even better loud mouths.

  • Nevin

    No, Andy, collusion involved agents of both governments and probably paramilitaries of all hues – not to mention politicians. The debate has mostly had a fairly restricted focus IMO.

  • Nevin

    Gerry, I recollect reading a paean by Martin Mansergh on Fr Alec Reid in which Martin described the effort he and Alec put into compiling the IRA cessation press release in August 1994. Perhaps the calibre of wordsmiths has deteriorated in the meantime.

  • Two Nations

    Ah balls, I thought this was a thread about the woman from Top Gun.

  • middle-class taig

    Poor piece. SF cast in the role of ogre for no obvious reason other than a response to his previous article.

    Falls into the dead drop he fashions for SF. Comes across as nasty, vituperative, smart-arsed ranting.

    Is this a case of “he can dish it out, but can’t take it”?

  • Tkmaxx

    On the contrary – middle class taig -I can and do take it -as is the way of having a column to which you have to add your name. I take it every week by way of emails and letters. But I don’t roll over easily and in the case of the SF response to the column – it was a rant which did not address the column but attacked me in a personal fashion – Though to be honest -I was being a bit more tongue in cheek this week. I am entitled to that. For the record quite a few SF people contacted me to say that Martin’s letter was OTT. But hey thats the way it goes some weeks. Thats the craic!

  • starbuck

    Tkmaxx ,

    I find your political writing v. bitter and juvenile and not good enough for the marginally ok standard of the Irish News.
    Maybe stick to the economic theories ?

    Just my 2 cents though

  • Tkmaxx

    Constructive criticism always welcome.

  • Northsider

    Why all the vitriol from an OBE?

  • middle-class taig


    The confirmation that your most recent article was a simple tit-for-tat is interesting. A bit tweedledum for my taste, but you’re perfectly entitled…

  • lib2016


    I’ve seen, to my astonishment, the anger of younger SDLP supporters when one mentions your name. Would it be too much of an imposition to ask for your explanation of why you betrayed the SDLP and accepted it?

  • J Kelly

    For me it wouldn’t be why you betrayed the SDLP but why would an Irish Nationalist want to accept patronage from a foreign country. I know a woman from Derry, who would be from the same political stable as yourself, and does unbelievable voluntary work in an out of the way manner as the best voluntary work is done who she refused the OBE, her reason was she has nothing in common with the British Queen or Britain. I know I have ribbed you at times on this subject but this is a genunine question,

  • Tkmaxx

    I have done so many times in writing and in the media. I would urge you to use your considerable computer skills to read what I have said on the subject. By 2016 you will have got the point. Anyhow enough tittle tattle – I have a life and some things are more important today.

  • Reader

    J Kelly : she refused the OBE, her reason was she has nothing in common with the British Queen or Britain.
    Less in common than she would have with a committee appointed by the Norwegian Parliament? Would she (or indeed, Gerry Adams) accept the Nobel peace prize, supposing it was offered? (Refusing would mean passing up the chance to meet King Harald V of Norway)
    Face it – for most republicans, refusal to accept UK honours is really just a form of abstentionism, like ‘No return to Stormont’ was.

  • brendan,belfast

    TKmaxx, since you and your challengers on this bboard are in the mood to answer questions – can someone finally please explain why SF in the form of O’Dowd attacked “thre entire civil service”? when this clearly embarassed SF as can be see from the SF press office attack on you, can we now assume they have abandoned that tactic? or am i still safe to challenge them on the doorstep on the need to put manners on public servants?