‘Zero’ tolerance contract reduced…

LOOKS like there was a missing zero from the DUP contract for election candidates. Turns out the fine for non-compliance is only two grand and not £20,000, though the bad publicity was probably a factor. Maybe not ‘free’ speech, but ten times cheaper than first suggested(!)

  • Crataegus

    Why remove the zero at the end when it would be easier to remove the 2 at the front.

    stupid, pointless exercise that speaks volumes about the DUP

  • willis
  • filly

    Not according to Arlene Foster in the Fermanagh local press, she reckons £20,000 is fair enough but questions if the contract is actually legally binding.

  • joeCanuck

    Of course it’s not legally binding.
    They can force someone out of the party (maybe – Jeffrey can talk about that), but they cannot force people to resign from a parliament that they have been elected to, as an individual, even if under a party banner.
    It’s absurd.