The McCord/O’Loan report

I have finally finished the article about the McCord/O’Loan report. I missed a few earlier ‘target dates’ but this is Ulster politics ;-). It will appear in five sections over Friday and Saturday. More details below.Part 1 will be – Unionist attitudes on policing and an assessment of the McCord/O’Loan report itself. It will be online at 4pm Friday.

Part 2 will be – An analysis of the Unionist response to the McCord/O’Loan report. it will be online at 7pm Friday.

Part 3 will be – An explanation of why Unionism adopted the response it did. It will be online at 9am Saturday.

Part 4 will be – A brief examination of Nationalism’s response and the deeper problem for Unionism. It will be online at 12 noon Saturday. (Hat tip DS)

Part 5 will be – An alternative Unionist response and strategy. It will be online at 3pm Saturday.

I have had a few threads go completely off topic lately so I would ask commentors to stick to the topic, resist ad hominen attacks and not to feed the trolls.

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