Opposition mounting

The News Letter report this morning that 6 Ballymena DUP Councillors will refuse to canvass for their party at this election. They also claim that Robert McCartney has contacted them to announce that he plans to have anti Agreement candidates in 14 to 16 Constituencies, although in 6 he will be the candidate himself.

UPDATE: Apparently the persons in question number seven not six, and were “got at”. Got at is an interesting phrase to use; it seems to imply that they couldn’t form opinions of their own. Also there are clear implications in this report that the DUP manifesto will reject St Andrews or major elements of it, yet at the same time ignores the issue at hand:

Mr Paisley said it was a pity the seven did not know what was in his party manifesto, especially on the issue of sanctions against Sinn Fein.

Sanctions against SF. Quote from Davy Tweed in today’s News Letter “I’m totally opposed to Sinn Fein/IRA in government and will not campaign for anyone proposing it”. He doesn’t want safeguards for bad behaviour, he wants SF excluded from the Executive completely.

So we wait for the DUP manifesto still with the same question – are they going to put Martin McGuinness in the DFM’s office? Still not convinced that we’ll get an answer.