Rising blog star of reality tv…

The Sunday Life carried a feature on a local blogger made good in the reality tv market. She’s doing well out of it too. Lisa McGarry took to blogging last summer:

…when I was heavily pregnant with my third child, and found myself increasingly housebound. It was a difficult pregnancy, and I couldn’t do much. However, the one thing I was able to do was catch up on my favourite TV shows, and ended up watching every single reality show going,” laughed Lisa.

I talked to my husband Gerrard non-stop about what was happening on Big Brother and the other reality shows that were on at the time. Gerard is a web designer and he eventually decided to set up a web site where I could write about reality TV to my heart’s content.

It goes to demonstrate that blogging is not just political. Indeed, it could also be financia:

My goal is to make a full-time career out of this web business. At the minute we are receiving around 400,000 hits per month, but once we reach 500,000, then major advertisers will be willing to speak to us, and that could be very rewarding for everyone involved.

Hmmm… since we topped the 2.5 million mark in January, perhaps it’s time to knock on a few doors….