Ogra Shinn Fein say No to AF motion

An extraordinary meeting of Ogra Shinn Fein’s National Congress has rejected the party leadership’s Ard Fheis motion. Their adopted motion also offers OSF’s answer to the question of what is the alternative strategy?

  • Yokel

    Well there ya go, clear and open debate within SF. And totally irrelevant to the AF vote.

  • Henry94

    We are proposing that for a new beginning to policing, there is a need for a truly new police service, not merely a renamed and repackaged RUC. We recognise that our communities need and deserve a police service that will truly serve them and protect them from those that seek to damage and harm them. We also recognise that any new structures must be fully acceptable to all those communities living in the 6 counties, whether they be loyalist, unionist, nationalist, republican or from the various other ethnic and religious communities that reside in Ireland today. To this end all these new services must be apolitical and impartial.

    Absolutely agreed but I would argue we can continue to work towards that while accepting and participating in the existing structure.

  • Jesus Christ

    Jack Crowe, the Free State TD for Tallaght, is a former boss of OSF. I guess there will be a few expulsions here. Still, it all looks so democratic. It’s like Big Brother with SFIRA building up tension to their latest sell out. Fair play to the Brits for playing these guys the way they did. Time to read Ed Moloney;s book again.

  • bootman

    Now come on FD you know surely that that logo is no longer by OSF.

  • Stamper

    I believe the children are the future. We should teach them well and let them lead the way. Or not.

    The future of the provisional movement is in some shape if this crowd is anything to judge it by. The interviews on their blog are great – one of their ‘women in struggle’ answers the big questions in November 2006:

    Favourite Food: Chips

    Favourite Drink : Water

    Favourite Music / Artist: Christy Moore is a legend!!

    Favourite Film: cool runnings

    Favourite Book: Im not really a book worm !

    Most memorable moment in Ógra: Ógra protested at a Brit camp in Omagh and erected the tri-colour over it , claiming it back in the name of the Irish Republic. The Brits plan to pull out of Omagh in August 2007 so it was a huge victory for Ógra in the area and indeed Ógra nationally who travelled to Omagh for just under a decade now to raise the issue of British demilitarisation in the county Tyrone town.

    Person you would like to meet (living) Bik McFarlane

    Person you would like to meet (deceased) Bobby Sands

  • Jack Crowe, the Free State TD for Tallaght, is a former boss of OSF


    No one from Tallaght has ever been National Organiser of Ogra.

    I guess there will be a few expulsions here

    Nonsense, Ogra Shinn Féin are entitled to vote what ever way they wish.

  • CS Parnell

    You gotta laugh at that motion they passed. It must be tough being in Sinn Fein these days, demanding that the police do nothing about riot control (presumably because it is fair game for the Orange Men to go mental on the Springfield Road?) and saying the only laws it should enforce are those passed by the Assembly because anything else maintaiuns partition!!!!! Geeze-oh

  • Yokel

    Stamper I can handle every bit of that. In my experience political activists around the world over are often so up their arse about their cause that they literally don’t notice the possible hilarity of some of what they say and do.

    But Cool Runnings..Cool Runnings? Jaysus, maybe they thought it was a documentary about their black brothers struggle against racism…..

    Can you imagine the sanger at that camp.

    Ere Bob?


    Some of those protestors are putting a flag up at the gates?


    Yeah must be a big moment of some sort, they are all cheering.

    Must be someone’s birthday…now where’s my cup a soup?

    Given that this Ogra memnber claims success for Brit withdrawal from Omagh can I claim success for being the sole developer of the jet engine?

  • If this is the best that the so-called confident Nationalist community can come up with I think we should all look forward to the next 100 yrs of British rule in British N.Ireland .
    MI5 certainly are judging by their new building. Still never mind Gerry says there will be a United Ireland by 2015 . Yes and flying pigs might be seen in the skies also.

  • mickhall

    Come on lets not go down the old gits road and condemn for the sake of it. That young adults are giving up there free time to consider the type of place they wish to live in is all for the good, surly. Would you prefer they were out and about joy-riding etc or downing dubes by the bucketful.

    After all the older generation have not exactly made the north a paradise on earth.

  • Yokel

    Ah jesus come on Mickhall its funny in don’t know its funny kind of way.

    Anyway I reckon I’m still young enough to be a member, I remember Cool Runnings………

  • smcgiff

    This is why kids don’t get to vote.

  • mickhall


    Fair enough

  • Yokel

    You’ll never win anything with kids……

  • Fair play to Ógra – I think the current AF motion is wrong and being delivered in the context of an upcoming 26 County election and about getting back into power sharing.

    Policing should not be a bargaining chip, it should be about delivering radical revolutionary new policing that is decentralised and community led.

    SF are supposed to be revolutionaries not electoralists,

    It seems the primary objective is no longer a United Ireland, but political power.

    I will be voting with the Ógra.

  • Ingram


    Thank you for making my morning that little bit more enjoyable:

    quote You’ll never win anything with kids……

    quote Given that this Ogra memnber claims success for Brit withdrawal from Omagh can I claim success for being the sole developer of the jet engine? …… classic


    PS. These kids can vote how they like, the big boys rule!

  • Percival

    One really does have to question the menatl capacity of someone who hero worships Bik McFarlane….

  • Glensman

    Who is the childish one here?

    Young political activists who put forward their ideas, right or wrong. Or the people who spend their day (during working hours) criticising these young adults?

  • Gemma O’Brien

    Yeah thats right – Ógra Shinn Féin oppose SF policing motion and what do the trolls on slugger talk about, ‘a women in struggle interview’?

    Deal with the matter in hand – policing!

    I for one agree with Ógra – the bottom line has not been achieved – the AF motion is full of conditionalities (what a mouthful)

    The current motion does not deal with policing that is acceptable to Republicans and working class people in general.

    SF may gain some SDLP votes – but the risk losing the grass roots activists and communities from which they sprung and where resourced.

    Trolls get on subject!

  • Joe

    If ur gunna use the logo, use the new one. provided by link.

    Get with the times mate – ógra been using this logo since last year.


  • CS Parnell

    “Trolls get on subject” – I’m not a troll and I am on subject – so answer me this?

    Who controls rioting Orangemen if it is not the police?

    How does the PSNI uphold partition but only enforcing the laws passed by the Assembly cause (apart from total chaos – are they really saying all current laws are invalid??) Ireland to be more united?

    As for “they’re only young uns” – stick that patronising crap where the Sun don’t shine. This is a political debate…

  • John

    “It is naïve to think that the British would leave their colony in Ireland without any form of colonial police force to enforce their rule and their law, therefore the PSNI/RUC would be likely to exist on a statelet wide level. We could continue to oppose their existence, their right to enforce British laws in Ireland, their political policing and dissuade our supporters from engaging or cooperating with them, while also holding them publicly to account through a policing board where, by not endorsing them, we can truly break them and expose their activities.

    This would mean that there would exist a multi tiered policing structure within the 6 counties similar to that of many continental countries. For example, in Spain there exist a number of police forces and services at municipal, provincial and national level. At the national level, the Guardia Civil act as a paramilitary police force, suppressing, for example, our comrades in the Basque country, but as the area of responsibility declines, so the acceptability of the service increases to the people.”

    I think that clears up any misunderstanding!

  • jamboni

    Joe,(Off topic)

    Why do Ogra spell Sinn with an H ?

  • John

    the S is aspirated by the H, because the word Ógra comes before Sinn Féin, you have to insert a h before the first vowel,

    The S in Shinn then becomes silent, so it becomes Ógra (S)hinn Féin.

  • Gonzo

    Ogra Shinn Fein’s statement today was, essentially: “We’re voting against it, but when it passes, we’ll accept it.”

    How very supine.

  • Michelle D

    “Ogra Shinn Fein’s statement today was, essentially: “We’re voting against it, but when it passes, we’ll accept it.”

    How very supine.”

    Ógra are voting against it, they will be stressing unity and cohesion following the decision (which) has yet to be voted on.

    Splits get the Republican movement no where – if 69, 86 and 98 could have been avoided we would be a much stronger movemnent for it today.

    Unity and cohesion will ensure success in our objectives.

    Division will hamper the struggle.

    I think the position is well thought out, mature and informed.

    Suppose its not news worthy enuf Gonzo – ud prefer it to read ‘Ógra SF tell SF to f**k off and are leading a split’

    Have a sensible discussion Gonza!

  • gerry

    what struggle is that ? once they embrace the police as mc geough says, the eyes and ears and boots and batons of britain in ireland, partition is embedded and copperfastened. you may get an all ireland foot ball team, but you won’t get an all ireland republic.
    where have the radical youth gone?

  • Jesus Christ

    “Jack Crowe, the Free State TD for Tallaght, is a former boss of OSF

    Who? No one from Tallaght has ever been National Organiser of Ogra. Posted by Chris Gaskin on Jan 23, 2007 @ 10:56 AM”

    Chris: Have you the same types of problems with English Jack/Sean Crowe has? He was head of OSF back in the very early 80s, hand picked by Adams etc. He was one of the “they also serve who stand and wait” brigade at the GFA talks, a total Adams puppet. I am not sure if his handlers call him Jack or Sean. Although never charged with IRA type offences, he is probably a fair weather boy of the old brigade.

    I am amazed that, as one of our resident SFMI5 apologists, you have not even heard of their top moles. The fact that your mind cannot even go as far back as the 1980s, never mind the Civil War, shows how much of a Republican you are. I guesss you will do well with your Law Degree in the new Ireland. Not everyone can be a TD or MI5 mole.

  • Stamper

    “Yeah thats right – Ógra Shinn Féin oppose SF policing motion and what do the trolls on slugger talk about, ‘a women in struggle interview’?

    Deal with the matter in hand – policing!”

    What is a troll anyway? Strikes me as just another handle that provos use to slag off those they don’t agree with.

    But no matter, I think the interview is relevant to the issue at hand – namely, the mindset of those now debating whether or not nationalist communities deserve policing and justice.

    Favourite food: Chips.

    Person (deceased) who you would MOST LIKE TO meet: Bobby Sands.

    I mean, FFS. Surely we deserve better than this?

  • stamp out stamper

    Stamper, Ógra have clearly made their position clear and provided an alternative, now would you like to enlighten all of us with your wisdom????

  • tom

    Ah yes, Ed Moloney’s book “A secret history of the IRA” is truely remarkable. He has SF figured out to a tee. I’d love to see him do a follow up book.

  • BP1078

    you may get an all ireland foot ball team

    You’re not even getting that.

    If there are any Ogs involved with the blog reading here, can you please inform us all your policy re commenting?

    Your blog, you can run whatever commenting policy you want, but at least there should be some kind of warning notice to stop people wasting their time making comments that you will censor because they disagree with your rather narrow world view.

    (And don’t give me all that cobblers about not permitting abusive comments, I pre-copied my comments that you have refused to print and I’m more than happy to paste them onto here for others to judge).