Reiss moves on

Mitchel Reiss is to end his three year tenure as the USA’s Special Envoy to Northern Ireland. His replacement is Paula DobrianskyPS I am looking feedback on my blogging here.

  • hi

    my first thought is yawn! yawn? but on reflecton what better ally for mr adams than another neo-con to mirror his big move to the right by joining the security establishment!

  • Token Dissent

    This event will have next to no impact on the process. Bush’s team show no interest in Norn Iron, and why should they, with half the world burning (largely due to them).

    As for hi’s comments – are you following the McCann argument that “no member of the ‘working class’ should support policing”? If so you are indulging in the politics of lounge-room marxist nonsense, which if the situation wasn’t so serious would sound like superb political satire of the Trotskyite faith.

    Republicans tended to be quieter about the dangers of right-wing conservatives in the US when they were getting funded by them, in order to fight their petty little ractionary sectarian war.

    I also note that many of those within nationalism who are opposing Sinn Fein are pious, anti-abortion rightists. The world is a little less black and white that you think ‘hi’.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Conspiracy nuts might also be interested to know that Ms Dobriansky is a member of the Project for the New American Century (whose project paper is probably now in Dubya’s bin – possibly explaining her presence in Northern Ireland) and Trilateral Commission.

    She’s also anti-Kyoto. The only thing missing is her membership of the Illuminati.

    David Vance should love her.

  • “David Vance should love her.”

    And why not? PNAC, Kristol’s Weekly Standard and the American Enterprise Institute all share the same address, intelligentsiae (sic!) mailing lists and fellow-travelers. Yer man should be beside himself with joy, no Vichy crowd there!!!!

    That triumvirate is also the posse that kept Dubya’s daddy’s buddies from cuttin’ the lad out of the neocon herd. The luck of the Irish strikes yet again.

    May the surge be with you.

  • Nevin

    “As Under Secretary of State Dobriansky said, “Terrorism is a form of fanaticism born of hatred. . . . It is at its core a pure form of anti-religion. At its best, religion is. . .an antidote to fanaticism, not its cause.””

    Will she feel comfortable in the presence of the likes of Gerry Adams and Jackie McDonald?