South Antrim DUP deselect two sitting MLAs

There seems to be a bit of mirroring going on, as we get closer to the next deadline. The DUP deselected two of its sitting MLAs Wilson Clyde and Paul Girvan in South Antrim last night. Antrim councillors Mel Lucas and Trevor Clarke were picked alongside the local MP William McCrea. Hmmm… Have they just kissed goodbye to the third seat?

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  • truthnotspin

    Ironically Darth and you Thorn (is he/she between two roses?) I heard about the meeting (indirectly of course) from Rev C and his camp who were aware it had taken place apparently and who was present from HQ and their list of requests….

  • darth rumsfeld

    well, truth not spin, I know the UUP can’t conspire their way out of a wet paper bag, as Donaldson Smyth and the other one proved to the satisfaction of m’learned friends post expulsion attempts.

    Lads, lads I have already told you before, you bark up a very wrong tree in your attempts to unmask me. In my efforts to establish this Brewster of whom you speak his google tells me he was a 19th century inventor of the kaleidoscope.
    And as for Limavady as my place of origin- right county, wrong town.No I haven’t stood for selection by the UUP, though I am a former member of South Antrim UU association, and I have some knowledge of gerentocracy there

  • cleedy

    I had no idea that there were so many Paul Girvan fans on slugger.
    I have no idea why he was deselected. He certainly always received a massive vote in council elections and I have no idea who these two Antrim councillors are.
    However, three facts about Girvan which are worth pointing out.

    1 His constituency office in Ballyclare was staffed for a long time by former DUP councillor Arthur Templeton. This was the same Templeton who was convicted of harassing gay coumcil candidate John Blair. Templeton continued to work in Girvan’s office for ages after he was convicted of the homophobic abuse. Girvan gave evidence on Templeton’s behalf in court but it was dismissed by the magistrate.

    2 Another of Girvan’s close colleagues on Newtownabbey council was Roger Hutchinson. The two used to sit together at council meetings and could often be seen driving around the borough together. Hutchinson is currently facing an indecent assault charge. Girvan is also due to give evidence at this trial.

    3 The shameful episodes of violence which have marred the Catholic Blessing of the Graves ceremony in Carnmoney Cemetery began because some unionists in Newtownabbey council objected to Fr Dan Whyte using the council plot. When this issue was originally debated in the council chamber only two members voted against giving St Bernard’s permission to use Carnmoney – loyalist representative Tommy Kirkham and Paul Girvan

  • ballymena anorak


    I now know who is running for selection in North Antrim.

    A contrast of age:-

    3 oldies all over 65, including Coulter at 77, all councillors.

    4 aged from early 20’s to mid 30’s, only one has elected experience as a UUP councillor.

    Let us see how the North Antrim members react to being given the choice of youth, in the past it seems they rejected it.

    Maybe in the 21st century they will get up to date.

  • honestly


    Girvan mentions in fridays telegraph the association were vote stacking against him

    Was it not Girvan that was caught at the last election on more the one occassion changing the literature in order to make it read he was first preference in order to try and beat Wilson Clyde and it didnt work

    Grow up people hes not the person you make him out to be

  • Truthnotspin

    Maybe I should rename myself Samson having removed the thorn from the lion’s paw…that was Samson wasn’t it?

  • Percival

    No it was not, you heathen! Samson killed the lion!

  • Harrassed mum

    to ballymena anorak,
    Coulter’s not a councillor any more- his public don’t love him that much!!
    North Antrim could be a very interesting show- esp if 4th candidate is Deirdre Nelson (note the spelling!). Time we had a woman there!!

  • Trevor Kirkland

    So far the vedict on the St Antrim case is divided. Looking at the last number of elections 60% of the DUP came from the newtownabbey region. Given the high percentage of evangelicals who voted Girvan and would have done so given his stance against civil partnerships,despite the compromise of some of his DUP colleagues on NBC, will they vote for the new two who failed to do anything on Antrim council?

  • Covenanter

    Disappointed that Ennis lost out

  • dupvoter

    Trevor Kirkland

    You dont actually think the people of Newtownabbey wont vote for Rev McCrea surely hes more evangelical than Paul Girvan especially after I read some of the postings about Girvan

  • Covenanter

    you are assuming that what is said was true. I think his comment was on the probability of garnering the vote and who was best placed.

  • newtownabbey voter

    Pastor Kirkland i must say im surprised at your support for someone so dishonest in his dealings: apart from his previous business, i only have to go back a few years when he was mayor of newtownabbey and made headlines for stealing official documents, prehaps this is the type of people you associate with?!?

    Also for the record Clyde pulled more votes than Girvan in the last election in a time when anything with a DUP label could get in.

    Prehaps he would gather more of the evangelical vote as you seem fond of mentioning if he could find one church and stay at it. . . maybe thats why yous get on so well, yous have that in common!!

  • Rubicon

    Covenanter – I hope you’re not suggesting I posted anything inaccurate. The accounts of the Assembly are audited.

    From those accounts it looks like some DUP MLAs have been storing away public money in curious circumstances. Of the 10 high maintenance MLAs, the only 2 with constituencies close to Belfast were from the DUP.

    I see no comment from the ‘DUP concerned poster’ here that has attempted to provide an answer. The question was put by a DUP supporter.

    Deal with the question put. The facts are in front of you. Answer them. Mark Robinson claimed almost £20,000 in travel expenses. Paul Girvan claimed more than £14,000. Take a look at the register of Members interests – also published. Some of the DUP seem to have their arms in a cookie jar.

    Some answers would be nice. You DUP’ers raised the issue. I looked in to it. Now – can any of you provide answers? It looks like the DUP have something to answer here,

  • Ca Va

    Re Mark Robinson He did not get selected for last Council elections and did not put his name forward for selection for Assembly. He lives in Belvoir Park

  • ballyclare dupite

    Rubicon as a DUP supporter/voter myself it doesnt make pleasant reading, and judging by the lack of responce there are no answers, how can they answer (i certainly cant come up with any), its in black and white?? its clear fraud, they are no better than ‘Rob Roy’ only they will get of without a criminal conviction

  • Trevor Kirkland

    Newtownabbey Voter
    Hi TH looks like you seem incapable of sticking to the issues, but you want to get personal. Now as I recall Girvan gave you a great deal of help on a number of issues. My point which I hope even you can grasp is who can get the vote in. You seem to to have personal issues you shold try egttign that sorted instead of dwelling upon who knows who and hwo friendly they are. Seemingly that’s what you want to stick with.

  • Covenanter

    Rubicon, by no means. I was referring to another item altogether. But since you dealt well with your point at hand, it seems to me that the problem is with the rules which lay out what can and cannot be claimed. If they operate the rules which the auditor says they did do so, then strictly speaking they are entitled to claim for all they can. I suggest that the rules be changed and the amount allowed be reduced to the same as health visitors. that would kill off the large sums for those in the east but not injure those further out.

  • newtownabby voter

    Pastor Kirkland \ Covenanter whichever u prefer (so much for not using an alias), whos TH? Thankfully i have never needed any advice from Girvan. All of what i said have been the issues, the decision to replace the sitting MLA Girvan by the SA Assoiation is most likely due to a combination of ALL the issues raised.

  • The Truth Is Out There

    Re:Trevor Kirkland-

    ‘i suggest the rules be changed and the amount allowed be reduced to the same as health visitors. that would kill off the large sums for those in the east but not injure those further out’

    I suggest you preach a sermon on honesty to your friend Paul Girvan and then send a copy to Mark Robinson, ‘claim for all they can’ you sound more like a sinn fein supporter than an honest protestant. It is people like you who have this country in the state its in.

  • South Antrim Voter

    As a DUP voter from South Antrim I am very happy with the outcome of the selection meeting. I read a comment on this site stating that Paul Girvan had the “evangelical” vote. Last time a checked Mel Lucas was an evangelical and Rev McCrea was a minister. Not to worry…evangelical vote secured!!

    As for claims that Girvan was a good worker..thats rubbish. Anytime I phoned the office in Ballyclare for information there was no answer.

    Well done to the two selected candidates….voted in despite the scheming against them. They have proved themselves in the Council and I have every faith in them. I will be voting for all three candidates in the order they decide to stand in my ward.

  • South Antrim Voter

    Here here, the Truth is out There.

  • Trevor Kirkland

    I think you misinterpret my words. I was making the point that the problem was the rules which enables them to claim for what is specified. As for honesty, this is always a necessity. I assume however that the rules were followed. If not then spell it out. If they were then there is nothing can be done about it. I think it is a dead issue for now until someone can come with the evidence. So far, for all the years the Assembly paid out, or more correctly, we paid out, nothing has emerged except the scale of the payment. I suggested that the level be set for what health visitors get who are probably more valuable anyway. But simply casting aspersions on others is not proof. It is clear to me that there are those here who do not like certain indiviuals for a number of reasons. I have none for any of the candidates. I agian come back to the original point which I have yet to see anyone analyse, they duck the point and wnat to concentrate on other things.

  • Prods R Us

    well u an girvan seem like bum chums ring him and ask him how he spent 14000 on travel expences. i notice you never disagree with any of the comments made about girvan just worm your way around them, u must have got lessons!? what is ur original point?

  • The Truth Is Out There

    i simply copied and pasted what you said. so your saying that if money can be got, it should be taken? finally i have it from a Pastor i can go claim my DLA money for no reason, simply because its possible to fraud the system. Cheers

  • south antrim

    what is all this nonsense about rules?! it’s clear to me and i’m sure to the rest of Northern Ireland that there is a provision for MLAs to recoup the costs of their travel – which is very fair given that some live on Stormonts doorstep and others from the far ends of the country. obviously when some MLAs travel expenditure is as much if not more than MLAs who come from much farther away THEY’RE BLEEDIN THE SYSTEM!!

  • GlenravelsGlen

    Any idea when the UUP will confirm their candidates for North Antrim and when the DUP will confirm Number 4?

  • Rubicon

    Truth – sorry to say, but most don’t need a pastor’s blessing. Where will this pastor be when society concludes it can’t afford these rules and changes them?

    Cheating is dishonest – with or without a pastor’s blessing. Dishonesty is a strange card for a pastor to use – but, no harm. It’ll not be long before they’ll not be considered ‘decent’ enough to sign a passport form. The sooner the better!

    I’m hearing supposed evangelical loyalty to particular candidates and the DUP. When the salary for a nurse caring for people over 6 months has been claimed for the “good work” done by Girvan – can I ask what this work was? I haven’t even got to Robinson yet – but PLEASE – show me your Christian way for dealing with this.

    You’ve moved Girvan aside. What are you going to do about Robinson? Will you wear sack-cloth for electing Girvan? No? Why not?

    Robbing the public purse seems a DUP expertise that recieves little ‘home’ criticism. Robbing the private purse SF do better – but get little ‘home’ criticism either.

    SF have the advantage – only the IMC monitor their activities – there’s no audit.

    The DUP supporters here have raised the issue of fraudalent claims. I’ve posted the information on claims. Two DUP MLAs have questions to answer.

    Deselecting Girvan doesn’t make the problem go away. The DUP are the only party to have MLAs accused of all sorts of sexual hypocrisy. They are the only party found guilty of electoral fraud.

    Is there a chance that a DUP voter out there may be less worried about where their members put their willie than where they put their integrity?

    PLEASE! Girvan claimed over £14,000 in a year the Assembly did not meet. Mark Robinson representing South Belfast (around the corner from Stormont) claimed 20 times what another MLA representing that constituency claimed.

    I understand why the DUP may want to ignore these facts – but I’m going to keep posting them until I get a reply that answers the issue.

    You can start with explaining Robinson. Don’t be too quick to criticise Girvan when you’ve not dealt with Robinson.

    You guys raised this issue. Deal with it!

  • graduate

    uup selecting over next week or so in north antrim. no sign dup are fielding a 4th candidate. be nice to see someone younger than coulter though

  • graduate

    what happens if UKUP run against dup & uup run 2? Will there even be an election or is all this just wishful thinking?

  • south antrim

    in my opinion Robinson’s travel claim is inexcusable and disgraceful, the DUP have made their views on his behaviour very clear by not selecting him at council level and he didn’t even put his name in the hat for Assembly selection this time knowing the lack of support from the Party.

  • Sammy Morse

    Given the high percentage of evangelicals who voted Girvan and would have done so given his stance against civil partnerships,despite the compromise of some of his DUP colleagues on NBC, will they vote for the new two who failed to do anything on Antrim council?

    I hope lots of Evangelical DUP councillors take up Trevor’s suggestion to ‘do something’ about civil partnerships on local councils; I always enjoy seeing dim bigots cost themselves thousands of pounds; and it’s been nearly 20 years since the St. Peter’s GAA scandal gave us the amusing sight of Unionist councillors being surcharged.

  • Truthnotspin

    Whoops – the thorn story mustn’t be biblical at all but I see the thorn has disappeared nonetheless. UUP Selection this Saturday but I fear that harassed mum, if her email is correct, should stop plugging herself……

  • Smithsonian

    I have had the opportunity to meet with Paul Girvan on several occasions and a nicer fellow you couldn’t want to meet. Although, his theological position might be a little staunch for me, I found him to be hard working, diligent and thoughtful when dealing with my issues.

    The DUP must be awash with talent if they can afford to dismiss such people and it does seem a tad arrogant to dismiss individuals who are obviously capable and popular with the electorate.

    Obviously, DUP selection meetings are dominated by political anoraks with personal agendas and little contact with the real world.

    Despite the postings of a few DUP politicos, this decision isn’t going down well with the public.

  • darth rumsfeld

    I’m not a member of the DUP, but on the Robinson claim thing didn’t he say -somewhat surprisingly to me at any rate-last year that he was actually living in Bushmills and commuting from there?

  • James

    Darth,I understand Robinson’s father has alchzimer’s disease which is why he was travelling up and down to the north coast. Unfortunately most people aren’t interested in finding out the truth.

  • John


    As a member of the general public i got the impression the selection of two new candidates has went down well! Obviously mixed opinions on that one so i dont see how your in a position to comment for the whole general public!However, time will tell and it will be interesting to see what happens. Im sure the two new candidates will work hard in the area and if they come to my door they will have my vote! I dont know Mr Girvan but im sure there is a reason why he was deslected, from reading the comments on this site im realising why!

    All the Best to the new candidates!

  • Ca Va

    It was reported in local newspapers that Mark Robinson was also working Part-time for Marks&Spencer A BUSY MAN INDEED!

  • Smithsonian

    As a member of the general public i got the impression the selection of two new candidates has went down well!
    As member of the general public, I got the impression that it didn’t.

    As for your attempt to suggest that I am not qualified to speak on behalf of the general public, I am as qualified as the next man including you.

    My personal experience of Paul Girvan was good. You apparently don’t know the man, but feel confident enough to accept the title tattle of anonymous bloggers, with vested interests.

    The slights and innuendos that you try to suggest say more about you, your colleagues and your party than they do about Mr. Girvan.

  • John

    Excuse me Smithsonian, i dont think it is necessary to be so ignorant. I simply said i had gathered a different few from the general public about the two newly selected candidates. I have know invested interest as i do not personally know any of the candidates. I would suggest however that you yourself have been affected by the deslection of Mr Girvan and you may wish to seek counselling as this seems to have been such a traumatic thing for you! Everyone is entitled to their opinions which may i suggest you should have the manners to respect.

  • DUP Voter

    Girvan was nothing but a liar & cheat! Glad to see the back of him!

  • John

    May i also say that i am not a member of any party merely an outsider commenting on the things i have read.

  • confused

    Maybe if the learned person who posted the expenses accounts checked the the year before’s will see that Girvan did not put travel expenses in for that year, therefore the 14,000 is for 2 years travel. As for all the other rubbish talked about, it seems to me to be a serious obsession on the comings and goings of Girvan from the newotwnabbey branch which needs therapy. I dont know how you sleep in bed at night with the amount of lies you have told and any decent person reading these messages will know it’s a serious case of jealousy

  • confused

    Trevor Kirkland

    God will reward you for your defence of one of his own. God knows the truth, and at the end of the day thats what is important, not the lies that other people tell.

  • Ballyclare Prod

    Looks like Girvan is posting comments to Captain Kirk, beam me up Scotty

  • James

    DUP voter, coming on here and libelling Paul Girvan with unsubstantiated innuendo, as you have done, just about sums up the people who have replaced one of the hardest working MLAs.

  • South Antrim Voter

    James, if Paul Girvan was one of the hardest working MLA the DUP have then dear help them!! My experience of him was less than favourable. Yes, he’s very plausible and can talk the talk. To talk to him you probably would think he was a hard worker. He smiles and shakes hands and probably even kisses the odd baby but as for putting in the work he’s just not the man for the job.

  • Newtownabbey Voter

    The selection of a Canidate is based mainly upon there reputation within the branch, and for those who dont know them how they present themselves on the night of election. The result speaks for itself.

    This nonsence about Girvan claiming for two years travel expences in one: If i went to my boss and said, i didnt claim any travel allowances last month so im just going to take double, he would laugh at me… never mind for a whole year!

    Could someone also point out to me which of the statements are lies? I would also like to be told why anyone would have a serious case of jealousy against Mr Girvan?

    When making statements about DECENT people ‘confused’, be very careful, we all know what happened the UUP when they tried to tell us who was decent an who wasnt, with there election slogan much like that you posted! there are plenty of DECENT people evidently who see the true Mr Girvan!

  • david

    first of all nv if you done a days work i would laugh never mind your fake boss. Check your facts before you go spouting!!! You wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit you. The DECENT people of Newtownabbey do know the real Mr Girvan as past election results show.

  • South Antrim Voter


    It’s a good thing then that none of these DECENT people of Newtownabbey were present at the selection meeting, just the indecent ones.

    NV you are indecent!! I jest!

  • Newtownabbey Voter

    “Check your facts before you go spouting” david it would seem you need to have a little chat with Pastor Kirkland and ask for ways of Practicing What You Preach! you have tried to work out who i am and came up with nothing!last nite i was TH :S wonder who i am tonite? Just for the record i DO have a job, however unlike mr girvan it is one of these one where i have to actually engage in work and can only claim for mileage which i actually do, and its at a more modest rate than £2 per mile. yet again you fail to point out the comments containing lies, and why anyone would be jealous? simply wormed around the question . . .wait a minute . . .is tht you Paul?? lol

  • James

    I obviously have no idea about your experience of Paul Girvan and so you are perfectly entitled to make a judgement on him based on that.
    What you are not entitled to do is say he’s “just not the man for the job” when it comes to working hard.
    Paul Girvan and his colleague Nigel Hamilton spent hours working to help me with a situation in Newtownabbey a couple of years ago.
    Paul also gave up an afternoon to testify before a High Court judge on my behalf and his excellent, well researched testimony was one of the reasons for winning the case.
    My father has contacted Paul on two occasions recently when his road was impassable in bad weather. On both occasions the problem was resolved speedily and he was full of praise for how hard Paul worked on his behalf.
    I suggest that his unparalleled vote in Ballyclare is the result of more stories like mine. It’s not a fluke that Girvan received more votes at the last election than Clarke and Lucas between them.
    And he doesn’t tell people “its ok to burn the flag of our neighbour”.

  • Smithsonian

    I simply said i had gathered a different few from the general public about the two newly selected candidates.

    No you didn’t, you said

    Obviously mixed opinions on that one so i dont see how your in a position to comment for the whole general public!

    Newtownabbey Voter
    So what is wrong about making a judgement about people. It what we all do, day in, day out. In my opinion Paul Girvan is decent, hard working and approachable. Which puts him in a minority of politicians most of whom are self seeking, self promoting, self important nobodies.

    A bunch of anoraks deselected someone that people voted for. You may have the right, you may even be right, but don’t think the public will be happy about it. It will cost you votes and it has certainly coloured my impression of the DUP.

  • John


    Same sort of thing as far as im concerned. I also do not see a problem with makin a judgement about someone and if your not happy with the DUP then vote for someone else, i doubt they will cry over it!

  • Ca Va

    Mark Robinson claimed £12,248 for year 2003/4.Then he claimed £18.000 for following year. He was consistantly the highest claimer of all Belfast MLAs He lived in Belvoir Park .It is quite ironic to note that “retiring” M.L.A. s are entitled to a Resettlement Allowance of around £20.OOO this is in addition to an Allowance for winding up Constituency Office.
    Mark Robinson was also a Counciller at this time ,wonder if it is possible to get a look at those?

  • graduate

    Regarding the amounts claimed by some MLAs when is enough enough. For instance look at Rev Willie McCrea. Gets his MP’s salary, MLA’s salary, councillor’s allowance, gets a stipend as a church minister, gets money for singing somewhat dodgy gospel (to my mind anyway)and according to persistent rumour is a millionaire from record producing. does he really need to indulge in questionable practices at selection meetings to ensure that two unknowns are selected to ensure his vote at the polls holds up? is he really worried that Wilson Clyde or Paul Girvan will outpoll him? and if he is do we really want such an egotist in a position of responsubility?

  • Mid Ulster Prod

    Hope Mr McCrea does well in South Antrim. He did well for us in Mid Ulster. Sad to see him go.

  • Mid Ulster Prod

    Has the DUP selected all its candidates yet? Could Paul Girvan not come to Mid Ulster?

  • Mid Ulster

    It’s time people stopped all the back biting, and do something worthwhile for their country. Why not get down on their knees and pray for God’s intervention.

  • Sam Flanagan

    Mid Ulster
    I believe God`s intervention has begun, still keep praying though!!!

  • the other one

    Paul Girvan couldn’t go to mid-ulster since that would upset the dynasty plans of the McCrea’s. I suspect that junior McCrea will be running there.