PUP to chose a new leader…

Dawn Purvis is to fight David Ervine’s seat in East Belfast and Dr John Kyle to take over his seat on Belfast City Council. There are moves afoot to choose a new leader: a contest that Purvis must be one of the favourites to win.


  • BeardyBoy

    let us hope not – she is very pro abortion if I recall correctly

  • andyk

    That would be a selling point for others BeardyBoy, although I think you are misrepresenting to say ‘pro abortion’ I think it would be fairer to say that she supports a womens right to choose.

    I would be anti abortion but pro choice, I dont like the idea of abortion and dont think I could make that choice personally, but I support a women’s choice to have control over her own reproduction, especially in extreme circumstances.

    Back on topic, if Dawn Purvis does become an MLA and a leader of a political party in Northern Ireland it can only be a good thing, a rational female voice, progressive and reasonable….all things badly lacking from our political scene. She has made quite an impact on the policing board. May well open up a whole new audience to the PUP…I will watch with interest, she may even get my vote…..dependent on how she does.

  • the sparrow

    “let us hope not – she is very pro abortion if I recall correctly”

    The PUP/UVF/UUP have always had a questionable attitude towards murder.

  • Bruce101

    If she is the candidate this should be sufficient to see the demise of the PUP. Nobody else in the PUP would come remotely close to having David’s popularity and even he was unlikely to be returned in East Belfast.
    The best the PUP can hope for is a seat or two in local government.

  • kingbean

    Its true that Dawn Purvis doesn’t quite have Ervines charisma but I doubt you could find many who would.

    As for her being pro-choice, is that really significant in this context? For example, would we know off hand where the other political party leaders stand on abortion?

    I would like to wish Dawn all the best, she will have some massive shoes to fill but I am sure she is well aware of that and will do her best to fill them.

  • andyk

    well said kingbean, there could be no replacing david ervine, none of the other larger parties could replace a david ervine either, which to me is the crucial point. Ervine was in the top 3 political performers in the country, the others being adams and paisley (a few years younger).

    I dont think Dawn Purvis selection should mean the end of the PUP after all we are to elect individual MLAs the DUP do not have 30 plus people capable enough to do the job of MLA…but they do have 30 plus MLAs…the same goes for the other large parties….lots of people get elected who shouldnt (ability wise)

    Dawn Purvis is not capable of filling David Ervine’s shoes, she can offer something different and unlike many of our current crop she has the personal ability to do the job.

  • Doreen

    How refreshing that someone else has noticed the derth of talent at Stormont, which could be translated into the question: do we really want that lot governing us?

    Dawn Purvis has always seemed fine to me, and if she is able, she is most certainly to be welcomed.

    I do not know what others think: I think that in appearance she could have been taken for David Ervine’s sister.

    Someone relatively new on the block, and with ability: welcome!

  • bdoyle

    From what I have seen of Dawn Purvis, I think that she will be a breath of fresh air. She seems well thought of by all those who encounter her, which has increased dramatically since she joined the policing board. A woman who knows what she wants and will bring a completely different face to Unionism let alone Loyalism.

    Lets she how she acts now she is more to the frontline. She managed to get a profile and seem impressive while in Davy Ervine’s shadow, I hope she blossoms now.

  • Doreen

    I think you have said it all.