Let’s Talk: and the ‘policing debate’

On Let’s Talk Mitchel McLaughlin was pushing the May 2008 date as a deadline again. Either Mitchel doesn’t read Slugger, or he’s banking on the fact that most people watching Let’s Talk don’t. Gregory Campbell agrees with Gerry Adams, that Sinn Fein must back the Police. Good stuff from David McWilliams who noted the irony in the fact the DUP’s taxation policy is more in harmony with the economic norms of the Republic than Sinn Fein’s.

  • gerry

    Some good comments from the audience. Although I thought Anna Lo,was a bit trite in her responses. that we should all get on together, hardly insightful and has been said so often it has become trite. the fact that annas children have gone of to uni in britain and refused to come back, was hardly helpful to her electorate here. this morning in the irish news, there is a piece about the soaring cost of court interpeters now that so many ethnic minorities are working here. annas comment, went something like, well this is due to the fact that so many other peoples work here. well DOH anna!! A very poor and uninformed candidate for south belfast. She is hardly in a position to represent anyone else outside her own community. See also her response about the parking attendants. They’re great. Why. Because anna can now back out the alley near where she works with out an unsightly van in front of her. Really!! I found anna had no political insight on any of the broad spectrum of issues raised, which is a pity, as the first ethnic candidate could have made changes in south belfast. alas that is not to be.

    As to mitchell, he quickly tried to tell mark crawthers that the dup were not testing SF. Someone ought to let him in on the secret, yes they are. The dup guy contributed most to the programme, as for mitchell his political future is hardly secure with his parachute in to toombe. a poor performance by a candidate on the ropes.

  • Bretagne

    Gerry –

    I also thought Mitchell M was poor – comapares to his collegue on H&M earlier. But it was a very hesitant performance from the normally stronger Gregory C – and on top of a hesitant performance from Arlene Foster on H&M – who babbled about not seeing the Ard Fheis motion.

    I also looked at the websites last night and the
    DUP have not issued a dickie-bird for 10 days.

  • kingbean

    A good performance by Anna Lo I thought.

    Gregory Campbell was showing the typical DUP arrogance with his comment to her which went along the lines of you might be getting applause now on Lets Talk but you ain’t going to be elected love.

    Lets hope Anna confunds the DUP arrogance and sweeps home to victory in South Belfast. We badly need more people like her, maybe then more people will actually become interested in politics again. Its quite clear that Campbell, McLaughlin and their ilk have turned the general public completely off politics.

  • brendan,belfast

    is it a sign o’ the times that while the DUP and SF were represented (along with Alliance) there were no reps from the UUP or SDLP, or just plain bias by the beeb.

    i guess there is an argument that Anna Lo was there because she is currently newsworthy. i hope it wasn’t for her political insight which was just naive bullshit.

  • middle-class taig

    I thought Anna Lo came across as a pretty decent human being. I was disappointed, though, that she trotted out the old lie about “SF and the DUP don’t talk to each other.” Sooner or later, APNI need to start tellingthe truth.

  • sgd

    Thought it was a decent programme, pity big brother dominated it though, what did everyone think of the aduience questions/comments during the show?

  • Henry M

    I wasn’t impressed at all by David McWilliams. Everyone here seems to regard Anna Lo as pre-political and naive; yet McWilliams said mostly what she said with a southern accent. He needs to stop looking like he’s in love with himself as well.

    The audience was interesting. In the past, the audience has tended towards hardline comments: here, they were pushing the politicians to step forward.

    Pity we didn’t have more time to explore “delivery” in detail. The DUP claim that this MUST involve a call from SF to young Republicans inviting them to join the police came out of the blue. What else is on their list?

    On Big Brother. Actually I thought it was interesting for a political reason. The attempt by local politicians to speak on moral or social issues outside their usual competence is quite telling. I think this could be a register of how far the normalisation process has come. Last night, they struggled to have any view about a story that’s dominated UK and Indian news for a week. Sad.

    At least they didn’t do what they often do – turn an unrelated question into a question about the Northern Ireland peace process.