The Ervine name to be on the ballot?

David Ervine’s brother, Brian, has said he is willing to run in the Assembly elections in East Belfast, if the PUP want him too.PS I am looking feedback on my blogging here.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    It just emphasizes the lack of loyalist opinion on Slugger when this thread has not one comment at the time of writing. The people who run Slugger need to do something about this and quickly or the site won’t be “Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture” but “Notes on Republicanism, Nationalism with a Little Unionism”.

    To address the subject at hand. I support the UPRG but the PUP are the OTHER voice of loyalism so it’s important whoever comes in for Davy (the UVF/PUP have no-one who can replace not only his intellect but his passion for the East Belfast people but they have to try and consolidate the Stormont and City Hall seats) can stand up and be counted at City Hall and articulately put across the hopes and fears of the Pottinger Council Ward and the East Belfast constituency as a whole at Stormont.

  • Dawn Purvis was selected last night, I heard.

  • Observer

    Concerned Loyalist makes an observation.

    I know the editor is limited in his capacity to do something about it, as I believe Nationalists/Republicans in general are pushed to take part in Slugger – to get their POV across – prob a load of hits from Connolly House, mind you. Unionists therefore see it as a ‘Republican rant site’ promoting Irish republicanism and therefore an anti-Britishness – who also belong in Ireland.

    May I suggest that Mr. Fealty seeks an additional Unionist blogger aside from Fair_deal? Who I may say is very impartial in most of his blogging compared to others. May I also suggest that any additional ‘Unionist’ or ‘other’ blogger is not party aligned?

    Shilliday is useless – one thread a month, if your lucky, when theres no election. However maybe that says more about the UUP.

    However may I pay credit to the very hard-working editor (Mick) for his work in providing such a value facility for people to comment, and for free!

    I suggest this in a non-critical manner, but as an observation.

  • nacho

    what about beano ?

  • dalek

    right this one deserves a response but not the one concerned loyalist or observer would like i fear.

    My own perception is that the site is fairly neutral and has a balance of contributors and politicos.

    My belief is that it just veers towards the unionist perspective in so much as the status quo seems to be the preffered option vis a vis the constitutional position.

    As far as observer is concerned i think your point is extrapolating from the possible to the the general. Why the obsession with connolly house? I am sure there are those that monitor the site from within sinn fein and make the odd political point and well imagine that from a political party. They all do it end of story.

    However having read the comments and enjoyed the rows and the breaking news etc over the last couple of years I would like to say that for me this is the best blog by far that i have ever come across.

    There is a great deal of honesty and a highish proportion of people who either identify themselves or do so by the content of their postings which to my knowledge is a rarity.

    I dont contribute very often but thats not the point. I still enjoy it regardless and I would like to make a riposte to concerned loyalist.

    Fair Deal is one of the most energetic posters and has posted 480 ish in a fairly short time so I cannot see how this site can be seen to be Republican as FD is anything but. Furthermore those that respond to his posts are also in general the usual suspects and are also anything but republican.

    The way I see it is that the site will by definition be defined by whatever is current. The current splits on the republican side are newsworthy and significant and therefore there has been a marked increase in the number of posts on related subjects.

    However I have been watching the site for long enough to see that it’s swings and roundabouts. Sometimes one way or another and sometimes hard to tell.

    To concerned..

    All political parties have an eye on the site so to say sinn fein gets more coverage than the others is fairly ludicrous. Perhaps they are more articulate..Go figure.

    Personally I would hope that my politics would be clear enough from the content of any posts I make but would say that I would not waste my time on visiting a so called republican rant site which of course this isn’t. It isn’t and thats blindingly obvious so get off you’re horse.

    oh and as far as fair deal being impartial dont make me laugh…that is not a claim that even he would make I would say.

  • Garibaldy

    Mick advertised for a right wing commentator a while ago and several unionists were mentioned but none it seems came forward.
    As for Concerned Loyalist’s point, surely it’s an indication of the failure of loyalists to engage effectively.

  • as I believe Nationalists/Republicans in general are pushed to take part in Slugger – to get their POV across – prob a load of hits from Connolly House, mind you

    What a load of nonsense!

    This crap about Connolly house has been bandied about for too long and I am posting on Slugger a couple of years ago now.

    No Republican is pushed to take part in Slugger but don’t let something like the truth hamper your delusions.

    I am sure they are a great source of comfort for you!

  • skinbop

    I think Brian Ervine would have made an excellent politician.

  • Observer

    Typical isn’t it when republicans reply to the comments posted above!

    I rest my case.

    Ofcourse you’ll deny it. I wouldn’t expect you to do anything else.

  • dalek


    so long as you are not referring to me I don’t mind. I am not a republican but someone who sees a united Ireland as the best option. The status quo does nobody any favours. i don’t vote sinn fein but would take an eraser to the border tomorrow if i could.