More assets frozen

The Manchester property company investigated for alleged links to IRA money-laundering has had a further £12m in property assets frozen. In November 2006, this investigation led to £1m in property assets being frozen.

  • Most of these properties have big 90% mortgages on them so it will be intersting to see if the building society/banks gets paid.

    Just like the millions of people up and down England who have to cut corners to get a mortgage, Craven and co provided doggy mortgages to many people not just those with Republican leanings.

    Forfeiting these properties will not cause the loss of millions headlined.

    If authorities were to go after everyone who has a doggy mortgage then there are at least 10/15 million homeowners who are in breach of the law.

    Still it provides good foder for Slugger/Unionism to portray Irish Republicans as the only vacuous people when the reality is society as a whole is dishonest, vacuous and accepting of the loads of money culture.

    Saw a story today about the Irish Republican who did not pay his milk bill, yet another reason for Unionists not share power !!

  • Skintown Lad

    Art Hostage, are you saying the authorities shouldn’t take action? Sounds a bit hollow to say “this sort of thing goes on all the time”.

  • Skintown Lad

    And I’m not sure there is even 10/15 million homeowners IN the UK, never mind ones with “dodgy mortgages”

  • It is not taking action that i have a problem with, it is the political capital that action is used for, another stick to beat Republicans.

    If it had been reported that Craven and co wrre being investigated for mortgage fraud in general ok, but to use this investigation to highlight only some of Cravens customers is bordering on sectarian.

    Currently there are 28 million homeowners in Britain, over 20 million have mortgages roughly.

  • Skintown Lad

    I suppose you’re right. Hell, everyone robs banks too. Don’t beat them up over it.

  • Gonzo

    Actually, there’s nothing to suggest this particular seizure had anything to do with Slab.