Fishing expeditions…

A recent exchange in the Commons involving DUP hardliners and the Security Minister probably revealed more about the DUP than their allegation that the brother of a Sinn Fein MP was the subject of a security operation in which “important documents relating to security force members and leading politicians were removed by the Police Service of Northern Ireland”. Republicans will view this with customary contempt, as a other allegations made in Parliament by the party remained unsubstantiated. And even if true, it shows how even DUP hardliners might be finding dirt harder to come by. Course, the security operation might just be a warm-up for the new powers to seize documents where no crime is suspected.

  • Nevin

    BG, as an aside, here’s a quote from that debate which might titilate:

    “Lembit Öpik (Montgomeryshire) (LD): Regarding the— [ Interruption. ] I think that hon. Members should leave any cheeky business to me.”

  • Henry94

    I see in the exchanges an MP called Gordon Banks. That’s not the famous goalie is it?

  • J Kelly

    How does Mr Simpson know what was removed during any raid. Would the DUP still be gathering intelligence from inside the PSNI.

  • Interested

    “How does Mr Simpson know what was removed during any raid. Would the DUP still be gathering intelligence from inside the PSNI.”

    Errrrr….. actually it became very clear that he didn’t have a clue what was or wasn’t removed by the cops.

    Maybe intelligence and Mr Simpson don’t go together……

  • Henry94

    Now if was Lisa…

  • Terry Doherty

    Is there a DUP spy ring at the heart of the PSNI?
    Should Mr Simpson be in possession of information that would be the property of the PSNI?
    Is it a criminal offence to be in possession of such information?
    Will Mr Simpson be co-operating with any PSNI investigation?
    Will he be telling us, or more accurately any PSNI probe, who gave him the information in the spirit of full and frank co-operation?

  • Maura

    Terry Doherty.

    The PSNI is a DUP party instrument! how dare you suggest a serving British MP would not have sources within a British Police force.

    Do you not understand the DUP are merely inviting you to dine at their table, the menu is a set one and most certainly not Ala Carte.

    Get a grip man and face the DUP reality.



  • ingram


    Nothing to do with Ingram


  • heck

    dup spy rings?

    don’t you know that it is only a problem when fenians have spy rings?

    Brits and Prods can have spy rings but Fenians….

    wise up man.

  • the sparrow

    The debate he made it in was up in a topic about a week ago.

    Hardly a huge story.