Jack McKee resigns from the DUP…

Councillor Jack McKee clearly thinks his party is going to do the ‘deal’. In a statement to Larne Borough Council chamber tonight he has resigned the whip, but by popular vote (and the support of his former party colleagues) retained his various chairmanships. It will hardly come as a surprise, he has played out of court with the party in the past: in 2003 he ran as an independent, and came a very poor third to Sammy Wilson, and George Dawson, garnering just under 1500 votes.

  • ingram

    Good indicator.

    looks like the Deal is on.

    That is good news.



  • smcgiff

    Was both surprised and happy to see Ian jr on RTE’s Q&A programme tonight.

    Normalisation here we come.

  • George

    Certainly seems like the deal is on. For some reason, I keep thinking of the Amstel ad:

    This is going to be great…..

  • smcgiff

    ‘I keep thinking of the Amstel ad’

    Lets hope it’s not the end of the world one!

  • gerry

    smcgiff unionists are no strangers to RTE, Jeffrey Donaldson is a fav with them. I always notice when they are there their language is much more moderate.

    will anyone who missed it will be able to view it on line again?

  • smcgiff

    Missed the first 20 minutes myself when he would have been speaking the most. Jeffrey is old hat at this stage – for a long time the acceptable face of the DUP. But Ian jr was a surprise – a tacit acceptance that the views held by those in the Republic are not unimportant.

    He made a joke at the end that I didn’t quite get – but as SF didn’t have many fans in the panel (although some in the audience) he was quite comfortable. With that said, he held different views to the rest of the panel on a number of issues and wasn’t given a free ride.

  • George

    it is actually. It’s not the end of the world or anything 🙂

    here you go:


  • smcgiff

    I thought that line was from the Helen of Troy one. D’oh!

  • George

    it’s in all of them.

    This is going to be great…
    Would you stop saying that!

  • Stephen Dedalus

    will anyone who missed it will be able to view it on line again?

    Should be on the internet.Go to rte.ie.

  • Crataegus

    Let’s hope it’s the end of the near 40 year silly season.


    try the link in 7 above I think

  • steven

    Jack is one of those who will always say ‘NO’, a person who never throught he would ever have to deal with SF.

    DUP voters will have to realize that a political deal with SF is inevitable in the future, as they speak for the majority of the nationalist community.

  • Carson’s Cat

    And this is the best Bob McCartney can manage to scrape from the barrel in East Antrim!

    Looks like Bob might not even manage his 20,000 votes across Northern Ireland.

    McKee is absolutely no loss – the only interest he will create in the election is whether he can even manage to scrape together the 1,500 votes he got in 2003.

  • Larne Man

    Carson’s Cat:

    That is a very strange attitude to take towards a man who was DUP from it’s inception, a man who has been the DUP front man in the town of Larne for the past 35 years. His service meant nothing? He is no loss at all?

  • the other one

    East Antrim is probably one to the DUP’s more moderate areas. Wilson, Dawson and Hilditch all appear happy with sharing power with SF.

    Contrast with South Antrim where McCrea and whoever his acolytes are will fight tooth and nail and the last drop of someone elses blood to avoid entering Government with the sinners.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Larne Man
    And surely if the DUP meant so much to him he wouldn’t have his stock resignation letter on file ready to wheel out whenever the occasion arises. Mind you, the DUP equally made a mistake taking him back after the last time.

    I’m not someone who gets all misty eyed at the prospect that someone has made the tea at meetingso claim that he’s still Ian Paisley’s best mate for 35 years and somehow that gives them a divine right to be at the forefront. People should be selected on their merits – from what I see Jack McKee has precious few.

    Clearly the people of Larne dont seem to share your views either or he would have got elected in 2003 when he was on another solo run. He’s just another one of the many councillors (from all parties) out there who get the belief into their heads that they are the ‘voice of the people’ and conveniently forget that when they top the poll or continually get elected its because of the party ticket which they run on.

    He doesnt even seem to have the bottle to be openly hostile – trying in his radio interviews tbefore then claiming that he’s the biggest lundy since the last one.

    Apart from the feat of staying alive, all you’ve managed to tell us about him is long service, what qualities do you think he has to offer?

  • Frustrated Democrat

    carson’ cat

    ‘Apart from the feat of staying alive, all you’ve managed to tell us about him is long service, what qualities do you think he has to offer?’

    Is he typical the sort of person you tend to have in the DUP?

    Now that he has left I assume you are saying he is worse than useless, can you point out other members that are of the same ilk? We will all know what your opinions are of those who are still members or do they have to leave first?

  • Larne Man

    As you seem to know a bit about this politics lark I will try to explain from my point of view.

    McKee is accountable. The DUP’s local credibility is build on ‘McKees’ around the country. He has sold the DUP line in many elections. Granted that some people may feel that it ‘is their turn’ for the Assembly, or that due to long service that they ‘deserve’ it.

    Jack’s misfortune for the 2003 election was as follows. He put himself forward for selection to the east antrim association and got the support of his local members.

    Due to their inconvenient decision the East Antrim DUP association was suspended for several months until after the election. DUP HQ selected Roger Hutchinson to run until he allegedly perpetrated an ‘indiscretion’. Then George Dawson landed in from Ballymoney or wherever.

    It does seem that McKee and his local associations democracy suffered quite badly at the hands of the DUP. If he is as insignificant as you say the members and votes will surely saty with the DUP.

  • Truth and Justice

    Glad to see McKee gone he should never been allowed back after 2003, he is the type of person that no mater what the DUP ever delivered it would not be enough, times are changing lets leave the fossils behind!

  • Bruce101

    Couldn’t agree more. McKee is old (pre-creation) DUP and knew he would not be selected in East Antrim. Wilson had cleverly closed him out. The DUP centrally select one candidate in each constituency. It is usually the MP but Wilson waved this right and ensured there was going to be no gap for the loony wing. McKee will seek the nomination for McCartney – what a pair.

  • BeardyBoy

    As a boy I remember him standing in the rain outside a shop (it was roughly were the post office is now) selling the protestant telegraph, never really got any further than Larne Main Street, sad in a heart warming way

    I remember it in spite of being only about 5 (I think) as I remember being afraid of the bad man – such was the reputation of the McKees in Larne at the time

  • Percival

    McKee is a crank – a man who occupied a constituency which is made up of Larne and Carrick, which Jim Allister missed winning by a few hundred votes and yet he managed to come third behind Beggs and Sean Neeson. The DUP was nowhere in East Antrim until Wilson sorted it out and that was the fault Jack McKee.

  • BeardyBoy

    I think you are hard on Jack – wee Sammy was riding the DUP wave the last time and the time before that the DUP fired a lot behind him which they never invested in Jack – they had to get wee Sammy in somewhere

  • Percival


    He was safely in in East Belfast. He delivered the impetus needed in a constituecy that should have been in the DUP column years before 2005, but wasn’t because of the likes of Jack McKee. In 2003 when he wasn’t selected, McKee went off in a huff and ran ags. DUP candidates – he polled 1500 votes and the DUP still took 3 seats.

    Now that he has totally burnt his bridges the DUP will progress without him. No loss.