Al-Qaeda operative to be held indefinitely?

According to a report in today’s Observer the individual known as Abbas Boutrab, previously sentenced to 4 6 years on charges of possessing and collecting information “for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism”, is now eligible for release. Leaving aside the misquoted sentence, having already served more than 50% of the sentence he would still seem to be eligible for release under the 50% remission scheme, so the interest would appear to be in his refusal to acknowledge his true identity and where he is from.From the Observer report

‘The judge at his trial stated that on his release he should be deported,’ said a Prison Service spokesman last week. ‘However the Home Office has yet to establish which country he should be sent back to. He is being held under an immigration warrant, but at this stage we have no news as to where he will be deported.’

A Prison Service official said that, while in Maghaberry jail, Boutrab had been caught downloading instructions on a prison computer from the internet on how to make bombs as well, as pro- al-Qaeda material. He added that, under the immigration order, Boutrab could be held in jail indefinitely.

Which would seem to be a particularly foolish, and/or suspicious, thing to do.. given the previous concealment of his identity and convictions.