“This tragedy..”

Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams has claimed he wants “to make 2007 the year this matter is finally resolved for these families.” ‘This matter’ being the “human rights violation” that was the secret burials of those abducted and murdered by the Provisional IRA in the 1970s. It’s not entirely clear why the statement is being made now, but the repeated references to the government-appointed forensic expert meeting, and visiting sites, with “individuals with primary knowledge” just emphasises the fact that the British and Irish governments have granted immunity to the “people who were there when the killings took place – either transporting those who were killed, or in fact killed those who were killed or buried those who were killed.” [so much for accountability – Ed] More below the foldFrom the PA report

But a brother of one of the disappeared killed by the Provisionals claimed people with knowledge of what happened to the victims had ignored previous appeals by the Sinn Fein leader.

Oliver McVeigh said: “Obviously his flock are not listening to him. Why?

“With his contacts he should be able to find out who was involved and personally appeal to them, not issue another statement.”

Columba McVeigh. 17, from Donaghmore in Co Tyrone, was kidnapped and killed by the Provisionals in 1975.

A two-week excavation of bogland was carried out near Emyvale, Co Monaghan in 2003. He is among five of the disappeared whose remains have yet to be found. His elderly mother Vera had talks in November with the DUP leader Ian Paisley.

Mr McVeigh added: “Gerry Adams should be fit to find out who was involved and meet them face to face. We don`t care if it`s in secret because the right people are not coming forward with the information which is needed.”

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  • heck

    did some one mention that SF must “support the rule of law” before the executive gets up and running?

    what about the british government?

    rule of law my ass

  • jc

    only in a society turned into a moral desert through a decade and a half of ignoring the lies and doublespeak upon which the peace process was constructed could greet in abject silence the demand for closure on the issue of the disappeared made by the man who pioneered the practice when he commanded the IRA in belfast. and additional proof of how corroded irish society has become will probably come when the so-called moderators of this web site decide to censor this posting and erase it – they live by the slogan ‘when the truth becomes too painful then ignore it!’

  • ingram


    I think Gerry is doing the decent thing and is “trying” to resolve this festering wound.

    Obviously Gerry could have done this decades ago but he Lied about the truth surrounding these victims. Today there are those in Republican communities who say why did he lie about these people , yet defend the Freddy Scaps of this world.Only Mr Adams can resolve that aspect.

    I hope and pray that 2007 is the year that those dissapeared by the IRA are returned to their families.

    To my mind that would be the end of it. The families may see it differently.

  • Sean

    There have been many injustices in our society in the past 30 years, the disappeared being one. Murders by collusion another. Unless we forge ahead with dialogues which uncover the truths which so many people need to hear, and take a little of something positive from the gestures of those we see as our enemies, then we truely are doomed.
    How do you propose that we find an oasis in this moral desert? The lies and the double speak came from all sides. Our challenge is to be brave and take each little bit of change as a positive sign for the future.
    Yes Gerry Adams commanded the IRA, and now he has openned up a difficult sore in the history of the that organisation. Isn’t that a brave and progressive thing? Ok he may not say everything you want him to say about it, but its a start.
    Likewise the British State has accepted there was collusion in the murders of repubublicans and nationalists and has set up the Historial Enquiries Team. Again they will not say everything that nationalist would like to hear on collusion, but its a start.

    The question is, when and where do we start?

  • ingram


    I accept it is a start and a welcome one BUT just like policing and today`s Sinn Fein political stragey about twenty years late for many of the dead.

    Better late than never.


  • Jimmy Sands

    “The lies and the double speak came from all sides.”

    Really? What did Mrs. McVeigh lie about, or is this just the usual provo gibberish?

  • I think this is a welcome development from Sinn Fein but I am not sure whether Gerry Adams is asking people to come forward to the PSNI with any further information they may have.

  • Cynic

    Why don’t we start with a basic premise like “murdering people is wrong (any people)” and work up from there?

    After 30 years it must be hard to find some of these bodies. Landscapes change. Witnesses memories fade or are suppressed because of the awfulness of what they did. Some witnesses may have died, emigrated, completely put their pasts behind them or simply defected to other organisations.

    With all the fuss on this for the last few years I think that it’s reasonable to assume that SF really want to put this all to bed. The problems may therefore be practical not political.

  • Nationalist

    Ingram, just how many of those dead would be alive but for British State Forces collusion which to date they have not yet come out and told the truth about, the Irish Government are still awaiting answers from British Army/Unionist Terrorist bombings of Monaghan and Dublin.

    Maybe you could throw some light on those subjects?

  • ingram


    quote”Ingram, just how many of those dead would be alive but for British State Forces collusion which to date they have not yet come out and told the truth about, the Irish Government are still awaiting answers from British Army/Unionist Terrorist bombings of Monaghan and Dublin.

    Let me just remind you that I have at the Irish Govt request met with the Barron inquiry and members of An Garda Siochanna on a number of occassions to help them with their inquiries into many aspects of collusion.

    At the request of Sir John Stevens met with him on four occassions and helped him to uncover the documents that led to recovery of the secret files that proved the RUC had knowledge of the Finucane murder planning prior to the event etc.

    Revealed the murder of Notorantonio the old age pensioner murdered by the UDA.

    Co – Wrote a best selling book that lists the victims of British collusion and makes the very salient point .”Who exactly was running this war?”

    Exposed the number one killer of acts of murder involving collusion.Mr Stakeknife the former IRA chief executioner. I also revealed the complete corruption within the entire IRA security network.

    Was arrested and faced a 2 year court case to prove my disclosures was and remain in the public interest. The State dropped the case when it could not win a case that I had damaged “National interests”.

    Thats enough for now. Over to you.

    Now would you be so kind to detail your contribution to our society? I am content with mine.

    Ding Ding


  • daisy

    Gerry wants to make 2007 the year this matter is finally resolved for these families and finally forgotten for SF

  • DC

    The British and Irish governments may have granted immunity to the “people who were responsible for the killings in order for the families to gain closure but their fellow countrymen should ostracise politically and socially and treat them as the treasonous low-lives they are!

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    It seems like it is gerry adams’ current mantra…doing everything he can to besmurch the reputation of the patriots in the IRA. Adams was the one who labled them criminials…not maggie thatcher… The entire issue of the dissapeared has been dealt with…it is being revisited at this time for gerry adams to help the british gov’t…doing all he can do to have negative press about the IRA…
    If adams wants to talk about human rights violation…maybe he should go back to talking about the scot guards whom were in prison for murdering a Catholic man then let out and put back into the queens army…. Or adams could talk about the human rights violations by the british army when they shot and killed little Irish Catholic children with plastic bullets…and what is being done to the murders who shot the Catholic Children? Nope…adams talks about and keeps it in the press about the evils of the IRA….
    I wonder if adams is being paid by the british or is just doing it to be like eamon develara….

  • Nationalist

    Ding Ding, you stated “Obviously Gerry could have done this decades ago but he Lied about the truth surrounding these victims.”

    Lets not forget that your main contribution was to “our” society was with the British Forces and you also could have told the truth earlier about the dirty deeds and the murders that the service you worked for allowed to happen but you chose not to.

    With regards to Gerry defending the Fredy Scaps it is unlikely that he was aware that scap was killing people in order to keep his identity as a British Agent secret, on the other hand you did know that and still did not come out at the time and say so.

    In your first post you obviously feel that Gerry had no right not to state what Republicans were doing in the past and then in your reply to me you seem to be suggesting that you are to be appluaded for coming out and stating the truth behind some of the British Murders and collusions after allowing those events to occur unimpeded for a length of time.

    Please accept an OBE for your troubles.

  • Sean

    So Kathy_C, from what you say the Provos were no worse the Brits. Shames the Provos treasonously turned their bombs and bullets on their fellow countrymen. The British soldiers were sent by a government but who “authorised” the a Provo campaign?

  • ingram


    At least you now admit I have made a contribution.

    I could have added Corry and the Smithwick to the list.

    I take your point about the timing of my disclosures.Yes it was 7 years after I left the services.I make that point myself in the book.Better late than never Eh and none of the acts was under my instruction unlike Gerry who personally ordered the murder of Mrs McConville and many, many others.

    And your contribution to society is? you seem to have forgot that bit.

    Ding Ding


    In relation to an OBE for my services? You have more chance of Martin McGuinness British MP and Sinn Fein Chief negotiator getting that British AWARD than me.In contrast to me he has never been prosecuted for any terrorist related offences in his so called long military career(long laaaaaarf)

    That is some record for the director of IRA operations. Thirty years living at home free from any successful charge and Loyalist attack.

    Any Ideas?

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,
    Sean, interesting logic. If a government authorises a military campaign then it is acceptable in your mind…gee then I guess you would have approved of Hitler’s military campaigns…his government authorized several military campaigns…killed millions of Russians, Jews, and French and Poles and on and on….but it was ‘authorized’ by a government.

  • I Wonder

    “The entire issue of the dissapeared has been dealt with”


  • Sean


    What’s that rule about introducing Nazi references to a blog? No matter…

    Despite what we might, in hindsight, think of it, the Nazi government was voted democratically into power and mandated by the people – such is democracy. You neglected to mention if thought the Provos were no worse the Brits with regards to their barbarity? Furthermore you neglected to say who, in your view, “authorised” the Provo campaign? I’ll repeat that just in case you didn’t read it properly and saw it as an excuse for a Shinner rant – Who, in your view, “authorised” the Provo campaign?

    I Wonder

    Slugger is riddled with Shinner trolls and sychophants. For such people it is aspirational to say “The entire issue of the dissapeared has been dealt with”

  • Jimmy Sands

    “The entire issue of the dissapeared has been dealt with”


    He means the issue’s been buried and no-one can remember where.