Smoking, cigarettes and the morality of New Labour

The Government has announced plans to raise the age that a person can legally buy cigarettes from 16 to 18. This has generally been well received but the Libertarian Alliance point out that New Labout thinks a 16 year old is mature enough to make choices about their sexual preferences but not about buying cigarettes, making the unsubtle point that:

in Tony Blair’s New Britain, a man may sodomise a schoolboy in a public lavatory, and the police must look the other way; but if he gives the boy a cigarette afterwards, he will soon be committing a criminal act

(Hat tip to Guido)

  • It may be pedantic (or even incorrect?) but surely if they’re doing it in a public lavatory there would be public exposure laws or something which would be invoked?

    On the actual raising of the age for buying tobacco a long overdue move btw.

  • Prohibition has never worked historically, so why would it work now?

    From which social group does the majority of young smokers hail?

  • Alan Law

    Why are some people so obsessed with sexual acts? What the hell links the two?

    Smoking affects all of society, sexual choices are individual, interesting how its only boys who Alliance think need protecting from “predatory” adults.

    What would be more relevant is the debate which has begun about reducing the age to vote?
    How come a 16 / 17 could alter the outcome of the government of the day but not legally purchase a packet of 20.

    I really don’t know what will be achieved by changing the age limit, just adding more problems for newsagents. In my local town a newsagent blatantly sells cigs which have been imported. I doubt if the age thing is important.

    Last time this subject was discussed I think Belfast City Council had only prosecuted one or two people for selling cigs to underage kids. This subject is just New Labour propaganda.

  • Henry94

    Art Hostage

    Prohibition does work in reducing consumption. In the US during Prohibition consumption fell. Illegal drugs are used even today far less than the legal ones. The problem is it creates a black market. Restrictions on smoking won’t do that because the product can still be sold legally.

    It will just become increasingly difficult to find somewhere to smoke. Banning smoking on the street is the next logical step as the filth and litter created by smokers is quite disgusting to the rest of us.

  • parcifal

    surely the point is that a ciggy after sex is the best bit, and this law will take all the fun out of cottaging 😉


    a man may sodomise a schoolboy in a public lavatory

    As long as it’s not a twenty a day habit.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Tak: LOL. Mr Hitler was a fervent anti smoker (though his real passion was Jew baiting of course.)