Nukes for Peace

Who needs the Belfast Agreement or St Andrews? Others worked out how to solve our difficulties by a simpler means, the threatened nuclear destruction of Belfast. Hat tip to NIRsucks and to Art Hostage and P O’Neill I am afraid this proves slugger’s inherent bias towards crappy american cartoons.

  • Joe

    Oh lordy. About fifteen years ago, Spiderman took a trip to Belfast… Halftracks in the streets of Belfast (which looks like Dresden on Valentine’s Day 1945) and masked bombers lobbing around Molotovs with a cry of “DEATH TA THA BRITS AND MAGGIE THATCHER, BEDAM!”

    There’s a scan of the opening page here:

  • merrie

    This also reminds me of somthing from Punch in the 1980s (when Alan Coren was editing). Some article suggested that the solution to the NI crisis was to threaten it with a bomb, then all the loyalists would flee to Scotland and the nationalists would flee south of the border, leaving an empty and peaceful land.

    Not quite like 1602 when the land was not empty. The inhabitants were ground down by famine and bereft of leadership.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Was this an actual, real cartoon ? Is this for real or is it a piss take ?

  • miss fitz

    Oh dear God, was that the worst 4 minutes I have ever endured? Larry the Leprechaun meets Stuart the Scot and they all save Belfast? I am scarred for life after that.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Could someone *PLEASE* direct me to the nearest eyewash station…

  • I did a class video for one of my A-levels, if I may say so myself, and much better than this tripe.
    It had the late Mo Mowlam as Miss Adrienne and Gerry, Martin, Ian, Monica, Seamus Mallon and David Trimble as the kids from Romper Room, or ‘Rumpus Room’ as it became, all played by family members and fellow students.
    Mo tries to teach them all to be friends, but they start fighting and at the end she goes mad, batters them all to death with a crowbar, and then wakes up to discover it’s all been a dream.
    I would show it to you but I think my ma taped Casualty over it or something…..I got an ‘A’, by the way….

  • James

    hey FD, can we skip to the part where you tell them that your daddy could beat up their daddy? cos it’s fairly inevitable from the way you’re all going…

  • Slartibuckfast

    Ha ha, brilliant! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Slartibuckfast

    Have any of you’s ever seen Sin City?

  • Aaron McDaid

    The lesson appears to be that violence, or threats thereof, should be used to tackle sectarianism. Just like the IRA did successfully bringing us to the less sectarian and more just society we have today. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

    You may want to take what I’ve just said with a pinch of salt, but it does show that so-called ‘education’ won’t help as long as the education establishment have such a blinkered and biased few of our history. Yes, we should strive to end violence, but don’t tell lies about the militants’ motives which were much more varied than portrayed.

    The many sides of the conflict were not simply mirror images of each other. They rarely are in any conflict around the world. You can say they’re as bad as each other, but you should at least say they are bad in different ways.

    What next, the Middle East is about Muslims versus Jews? Try telling that to the families of the Christians that have died fighting for Fatah and for Palestine.

    Any genuine attempt to promote peace, whether through humour or not, should not simply be a vehicle for biased interpretations. They shouldn’t have tried to interpret it at all, in this case their interpretation of it as a religious conflict.

  • German-American

    To answer Comrade Stalin: Yes, this is an actual real cartoon, apparently from the Captain Planet episode “If It’s Doomsday, This Must be Belfast”.

    As an American I have to cringe at yet another example of the national tendency to go around the world counseling feuding factions to just shake hands and be nice. I’ll also note the implied judgment on the intelligence of the Irish, that they’d think they could explode a nuclear device in Belfast and spare their own neighborhoods.

  • Your Zen for the day Sluggiepoos…..

    What if they pushed the doomsday button and it didn’t work?