Music of the troubles…

Thanks to Blogorrah for pointing us in the direction of Ryan Foley’s top ten songs on the Troubles. But I’m inclined to agree that the Cranberries’ Zombie is a glaring omission from the list… Not least for the line, “And the violence caused such silence…”Ryan’s:

1 – Streets of Sorrow – The Pogues

2 – Cypress Avenue – Van Morrison (bit of a cheat , but there is footage of 1979 Belfast in the video)

3 – Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

4 – The Divine Comedy – Sunrise

5 – Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster

6 – Nicky Wire – Bobby Untitled, preceded by brief quotation from Robert Frost (Scroll down for sound clip only – Hat Tip to Tokyoite)

7 – Belfast – Orbital

8 – It’s going to happen – The Undertones

9 – Belfast Child – Simple Minds

10 – Ulster – Sham 69 (30 second sound clip only – Hat Tip to Tokyoite)

Let us have yours…

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