Slow news day

As with all holiday periods news is hard to find and today is a fine example. The Guardian have their shocking expose of the BNP, problem is there are next to no shocks in it. Apparently the BNP is guilty of “secrecy and deception” and encourages its members not to use racist language. For all the supposed “secrecy” the investigative journalist was given a party position and inside information within weeks of joining. He admits, almost with a hint of disappointment:

“In my seven months as a party member I heard very few racist epithets, and no anti-semitic comments.”

BNP members speak in code instead. He even seems to feel sorry for them:

“a party which draws in people who are not only xenophobic, but harassed and malcontented, people who feel themselves to be unfairly put-upon, to be slightly under siege. It is a party of people for whom British society, as it is and as it is developing, has no appeal, and no room.”

Meanwhile the Belfast Telegraph has the nominee for national story with most tenious local link of the year award, an interview with Ian Paisley’s son whose congregation is a mere 50 miles away from the Ipswich murders.


    Good post FD.

    The number of media outlets at City Airport praying for fog is another tell tale sign of how busy the agenda is.

    Although I have to disagree on the most tenuous local link award – surely that must go to yesterday’s (?) front page Bel Tel story about the Ipswich murder suspect who once had a HOLIDAY IN ULSTER??

  • jone

    I disagree Fair Deal; I think The Grauniad have done a decent job – given that most of the papers return to familiar themes in their splashes this morning (Express – Muslim bashing, Inde – Global Warning) this is at least an original bit of reporting at time of year when frankly most hacks can’t be arsed and are busy getting pissed. The fact that the journalist (Cobain) could rise so rapidly through the ranks was interesting as was the revelation that a ballet dancer was a BNP recruit.

  • fair_deal


    I am glad that the Guardian still spends time doing investigative reporting.

    However, there is a risk with undercover reporting that what is revealed is not as ‘shocking’ as was expected or you get a lot of smoke but no real fire e.g. the BBC Panorama investigation of football bungs (lots of talking about it but never any clear evidence of it).

    In such scenarios most media outlets, rather than spike the story and put it down to experience, want to see some product for their investment so push the dull story out with some added hyperbole to bolster it.

  • Dr Strangelove

    “a party which draws in people who are not only xenophobic, but harassed and malcontented, people who feel themselves to be unfairly put-upon, to be slightly under siege.”

    Are you sure that is a reference to the BNP, I can think of at least one NI party with a three letter acronym which seems to fit that description.

  • fair_deal

    Dr a

    Don’t worry Oghra Shinn Fein members will grow out of it 😉

  • Let’s just transport that Paisley’s son story back to N.I. to see just how ludicrous it actually is:

    “Serial killer on loose in Derry, Frank Mitchell speaks of shock amongst weathermen in Belfast”.

  • antiPC

    The politically correct are obsessed with the BNP. They’re the only national party with any balls to say whats happening in the UK. The BNP have broken ground where others follow when they realise their vote is at risk i.e Labour.

    Both Blair and Straw have started attacking the incompatibility of Islam and the West and stating things now like if you come here, integrate, take up our values or stay away; and issues with the burka etc. Unprecedented for new Labour. Labour have think tanks continually monitoring the BNP, they’re scared sh*t. The BNP will probably give them another shock in the May elections and the fun really starts in 2009 when they will definitely have MEPs, going by eletion trends.

    They are averaging around 18% in the elections they stand in now, (ie by-elections) all the time.

    The ballet teacher presents occasionally on the BNPtv, very professional.

    Very very organised, active party, working under the radar. Their website nearly gets more hits that labour and tory put together. In the top bracket of most visited websites on the planet according to Alexa. Politically, we live in interesting times. Definitely the party to watch out for.

  • Percival


    Yes we are watching out for them – odious toe-rags that they are!

  • rapunsel

    “There is general horror at what happened. Despite what business these women did, they did not deserve what they got”

    Interesting point this– and sorry for being a bit tangental but when someone says something like this I think they mean

    1. Some people I know believe that they did deserve what they got

    2. I also believe this but one could never say it

    3. Prostitution is a sin and this is god’s retribution, there is no way I can just condemn a murder of a disgusting prostitute without getting a condemnation of them in too.

    Thank god at least we got rid of one of the Paisley family out of this country

    yes the Belfast Telegraph– is it only me but is it turning into a pile of shit. This morning there is an article on the ” Unsung heroes” which turns out to be profiles of people who work on Christmas day