Slow news day

As with all holiday periods news is hard to find and today is a fine example. The Guardian have their shocking expose of the BNP, problem is there are next to no shocks in it. Apparently the BNP is guilty of “secrecy and deception” and encourages its members not to use racist language. For all the supposed “secrecy” the investigative journalist was given a party position and inside information within weeks of joining. He admits, almost with a hint of disappointment:

“In my seven months as a party member I heard very few racist epithets, and no anti-semitic comments.”

BNP members speak in code instead. He even seems to feel sorry for them:

“a party which draws in people who are not only xenophobic, but harassed and malcontented, people who feel themselves to be unfairly put-upon, to be slightly under siege. It is a party of people for whom British society, as it is and as it is developing, has no appeal, and no room.”

Meanwhile the Belfast Telegraph has the nominee for national story with most tenious local link of the year award, an interview with Ian Paisley’s son whose congregation is a mere 50 miles away from the Ipswich murders.