“disaffected republican” was on early release licence

When I noted the appearence in court of “disaffected republican” Seamus Francis Mullan on 15 December – on charges of money laundering in relation to illegal cigarettes and defrauding Social Services and the Housing Executive out of £20,000 – while also noting the previous appearance of his name on one or two lists, it wasn’t entirely clear whether his release in 1998 was under the terms of an early release licence. Today the BBC report confirms that it was – the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain, has revoked Seamus Mullan’s early release licence.[nothing on the NIO site yet] Adds The PA report has a quote from the NI Prison Service

From the PA report

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Prison Service said:

“In making his decision the Secretary of State took account of information from the police service of Northern Ireland indicating Mr Mullan`s involvement with a specified organisation.

“The Secretary of State believes that Mr Mullan is in breach of his licence and remains a real danger to the public.”