PSNI report card: Confidence up but satisfaction down

Levels of confidence in the PSNI among the Catholic and Protestant communities are now almost equal (79% and 80% respectively) but satisfaction in PSNI performance is down, Catholics 49% (down 4%) and Protestants 54% (down 8%).

  • Nevin

    FD, so most folks are confident that the PSNI are a waste of space; if you want action just sent for your local paramilitary ‘civic police’ 😉

  • mnob

    Sadly we cant compare figures with the ‘civic police’ because they dont keep statistics, dont have a supervisory board, aren’t subject to the law, don’t have an ombudsman …

  • DK

    Does this mean that the other parties will now also refuse to recognise the police?

  • Percival

    If 79% of RC’s are happy with the police what on earth is the bearded satan waiting for?

  • tony

    I wonder if the senior PSNI officer who gave the order to force a lorry full of smuggled petrol into a heavily built up area during a chase on the M1 a few weeks ago (and then) order officers to open fire on the vehicle in a heavy populated street might have something to do with the poor performance rating ??

  • Fraggle

    “nearly four out of five said they had some, a lot, or total confidence in the ability of the PSNI to provide an ordinary day-to-day policing service.”

    This does NOT mean that 79% of RCs are happy with the police. Having “some” confidence (50% of catholics) could mean almost anything. I have some confidence in the police but I’m not happy with them.