Church appoints new scapegoats…

“DO we want to have a culture of Podge and Rodge, or one of decency and respect?” Archbishop Sean Brady asks. Will the gruesome twosome become our new favourite pincushion for all social ills? Well, their “coarseness and aggression” is represented in the “dehumanisation” of society. Two paragraphs later in Patsy McArdle’s article, Brady argues that he’s learned a lot in the last decade about how people suffered sexual abuse in his church, and points out how a church – maybe not unfairly – can change. Just to clarify: muppets on RTE – antichrists, past child abuse – reformable. Good job he never saw Father Ted.

  • Tkmaxx

    I think Sean Brady is talking about something most people think – that in society respect and reverance are being relegated. Podge and Rodge reflect that – to use them as an example does not point to a lack of humour – I laugh at the Simpsons – because they are a paradody of life – not because I want to live like them. Fair play to Brady – he has been a first class ambassador for the Catholic Church in very difficult circumstances. The Patsy Mc Garry article reflects the sincerity of the man and the regard people have for him. Maith thu.

  • He must have taken inspiration from George H.W. Bush’s famous “We’re going to keep trying to strengthen the American family. To make them more like The Waltons and less like The Simpsons.” comments for that one.

    Just like with Bush senior, the only reaction he’ll get is ridicule from those he targets.

    How about the Church tries to make itself relevant to the modern world, responsive and responsible, honest and realistic? No? Oh well.

  • middle-class taig

    How unexpected to see an Alliance party poster bashing the Archbishop. They’re well practised at it.

    I’d like to think that senior Catholic clergy can be assumed to have the ability to keep two thoughts in their head at the same time. If Sean Brady is permitted only to speak on child abuse, he is being prevented from doing his job.

    Reminds me of the time Bush senior said American families should be more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons. That he lost support among Simpsons fans pointed as much to the moronic tendencies of the electorate as it did to his advisers’ political naïveté. In similar vein, the thought process above appears to be: “I like Podge and Rodge. Sean Brady criticises Podge and Rodge. I must criticise Sean Brady.”

    In fact, Brady is bang on the money here, at least in his observation, if not in the conclusion it leads him to. Irish society is coarsening, following a trend long visible across the water. Podge and Rodge aren’t leading that, but they do, often hilariously, make it feel acceptable.

  • middle-class taig


    Great minds think entirely differently it seems.

    Thirteen minute time lag makes me look a muppet myself, though.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Maybe Seán should head to Ballydung and meet Podge and Rodge. Who knows, as elderly celibate batchelors they might have a few things in common.

  • Brian Boru

    Anything smacking of fun is anathema to the Church.

  • Henry94

    Now that we have well and truly riddled the messenger could we have a chat about the message.

    I think it’s a reasonable point. I haven’t seen Podge and Rodge too often but the joke is the same all the time I assume. But I do get bored with comedians who can’t do an interview without throwing a few obsenities in to show how cutting-edge they would have been 20 years ago.

  • Secur O’Crat

    I watched a Tommy Tiernan tape recently. I thohght the (Irish) audience were so patethic, laughing at themselves. A country that finds Tommy Tiernan funny has lost its way. I am not aware of Podge and Rodge but it seems to reflect the level of modern Irish society. The Catholic Church has a lot of soul searching to do.

  • I will never forget the time Father Brian from Fermanagh went on to the Podge and Rodge show, he treated it as a laugh and went along with it.

    He came across very well from that

    That is the sort of attitude that the Church should have, this sort of “won’t somebody please think of the children” attitude is not a very appealing one to the youth.

    Brady is indeed entitled to speak on more issues than just the disgracefull church response to child rape but I would have thought he might have more pressing concerns than Podge and Rodge.

    The decline in priests, the fall in Church attendence, the task of keeping the Church relevent in these modern times etc

    What is Brady doing on THESE issues?

    Irish people have always loved dark humor it’s just that in these modern times they have been able to express it openly.

  • john burns

    Secur O’Crat, I agree with you re. Tommy Tiernan. Having watched this excuse for a comedian on the Late, Late show recently it was obviously he’s as funny as cancer. He’s explanation for going to America was to see if he could be a success outside of Ireland. The Irish would laugh at anything, he more or less implied. He’s right of course and not only in the South either. “Give my head peace” is rubbish and WHAT is May Mcfethish?
    Podge and Rodge are not funny, they are simply smutty.

  • This puts me in mind of an occassion years ago as a child when I was sst with my Mother on a Friday night watching the Late Late Show. Chris De Burgh was on giving off about the Feile festival he had just played the previous weekend. Apparently some inebriated lady got up on the side of the stage and did a strip tease to whoops of appreciation and, no doubt, relief as most of the audience were probably bored to death by De Burgh’s MOR din.

    “I never thought I’d see the day in Catholic Ireland” cried Chris to Gaybo, “when the like of that happened!” And not one week later he was outed in the Irish press for having an affair with his children’s Nanny.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    The messenger left himself wide open to be riddled and ridiculed, Henry. If he showed some leadership and humility and dealt properly with the issues his organisation finds themselves faced with (Willie Walsh in Clare is the only example I can think of amongst the hierarchy who has done this, are there any others?) then he start to talk about decency and respect. If not, then perhaps he needs to realise when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

    As for laughing at ourselves as Irish people, wtf is wrong with this, haven’t we got a lot to laugh at? It’s either laugh or cry a lot of the time.

  • Adam

    Great minds think entirely differently it seems.

    Thirteen minute time lag makes me look a muppet myself, though.

    I don’t think our opinions are that far apart; I’m not suggesting that this is an attack on fans of Podge and Rodge, but that taking a pot-shot at popular culture in an attempt to redefine it is as useful as pissing in the wind.
    It doesn’t get to the root cause of any moral problem the nation may or may not be facing and it certainly doesn’t make the Catholic Church seem like the solution if such a problem exists.

  • Nevin
  • Father Jack


  • Rafa Benitez

    He should be concentrating more on the failures of his own church, instead of harassing two puppets!

    Irish people have coarse humour and coarse language. That’s who we are. Why should we be ashamed of it? Is it because it’s considered rude in the anglo world? Whoose standards are we judging ourselves by? I’m sick to death of all the comatose-enducing programs that RTÉ put on. Podge and Rodge is a breath of fresh air. A program actually designed for the 18-35 year old market. Would yis rather telly bingo or winning streak?

    What really p!sses me off though is the fact that the last few weeks, RTÉ have put hidden history up against their top rated show. They are putting two of their best programs in competition with each other! How stupid is that? If anyone watched the programme about Frank Aiken will testify, the show is immaculately put together, researched and shot. It’s better than any on history or discovery channels. They must think that an avid Podge and Rodge viewer is not interested in a bit of learning too. Idiots!!

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Spot on, Rafa re Hidden History.

    Less of the 18-35 tho’. I do like to watch those young scamps from Ballydung with my cocoa and digestives.